A ‘lil HooHaa: Contest 1

Jun 21

Wanna win something? How about my new Ireland pathtag?

Here’s what it looks like:

Pretty sweet tag, eh?

This is a simple contest — and my first one! This will run just about a week, so you have a little time to come up with an educated guess as to the answer.

But wait! There’s more! You can win ANOTHER  pathtag! Actually, two people can win, depending on how good your guesses are. Because I don’t know how many responses I will get with my first contest, here’s a rule I am putting into place:

IF five (5) or fewer than people enter the contest (multiple entries, if earned, don’t count as new people), I’ll allow it where the same person can win both pathtags.

IF more than five (5) people enter, that means winners can only win one of the pathtags. Should one person sweep and get both correct, they’ll win the Ireland one and then the next two will go in the order of caches. You’ll see what you have to do below.

Nuts and bolts

Now for some quick normal things — this contest is simple and entrants will be able to see their answers. On my return from Dublin, I will look at everything, post the answers and winners and send out the prizes. Should you win, I’ll need a mailing address. This contest is open to anyone — in the USA or international. The winners will be notified on this blog and via my twitter account. The winner will then have to e-mail me an address.

Entrants are allowed ONE entry and please do not edit your entry once you have posted. The entry MUST be in the comments section. A correct entry will include your name and the answers to the contest questions. Please identify the answers for which question. (ie: Pub trips: xx).

You can EARN up to two more entries by tweeting this contest or posting an entry on your blog. If you do that, please let me know. HOWEVER, please wait a minimum of one hour from your last guess so as not to flood all the guesses. If you do either of these, please make sure you note that in your guess (ie: Second guess via tweeting your contest) so I can go check and verify. That means, also, making sure you have your blog address so I can check it out!

The contest

This contest is going to make you guess. You have to think about this a little. The winners will be whoever guesses the closest to the actual answer (you can go over).

It’s as simple as a guess.

You can guess once for each part of the contest, and note the above in the Nuts and bolts section to see how to do things.

Ready for the contest?

Some quick details on my trip so you can put it into perspective: I am arriving mid-morning on a Wednesday and leaving mid-morning the following Tuesday. So, basically I’ll be in Dublin and doing things for about 5 1/2 days. That’s the only thing I am releasing. If you want to investigate more, read past entries of the blog.

This contest will close at 10 p.m. EASTERN TIME on Tuesday, June 29. I get e-mails of all things posted and every comment is time-stamped, so if one comes after that deadline, it will be deleted and not counted.

FIRST PART — My Ireland Pathtag is the prize for this one.

I’m asking you this — how many pubs will I visit on my trip to Dublin? Remember, Dublin has more than 1,000 pubs! Pubs will include any bars, micro brews, traditional pubs etc. But I have to actually visit them, not just be in them.

Some things to note — I will be going on a few pub crawls. We might stop in one or two to eat during the day. I might go out after the night falls to investigate. Who knows?

SECOND PART: How many Geocaches will I find while in Ireland? I only am planning one full day of caching there, but I do hope to do some throughout the trip. Do your math and hope for the best. The winner will receive this pathtag:

Final things

Remember, one entry per person unless you do one of the following:

Twitter this contest — mention the contest and blog. Use the following to make it easy:

@softball29 is having a pathtag giveaway contest on his blog – www.hoohaablog.com. Enter soon as it ends June 29 at 10 p.m. EST!

BLOG about this contest on your blog, but mention the contest and link back to here as well! You must mention that you have done these in your second and/or third entries, but please make them different comment entries! Only one entry per comment and only three entries (if extras earned) maximum!

Have fun!

More later!

Countdown Clock Codes


  1. Abhishek Duggal /

    FIRST PART — 21 pubs
    SECOND PART – 3 Geocaches

    Have a safe & a fun trip!

  2. TripCyclone
    How about 25 pubs, and 60 geocaches.

    Have fun. You’ll be in Ireland while I’ll be in Washington. WOO-HOO for travel!

  3. Christelle /

    You’re leaving soon! Enjoy your trip!!

  4. I think 33 pubs and 71 caches. Have a great time out there! I can’t wait to go next year.

  5. Barb (whistler & co.) /

    Hmmm…toughie. Are you a drinker or a seeker by nature? I’ll say 28 pubs and 27 caches. Good luck on your trip and have fun. Can’t wait to see the pics over at HH52!

  6. Luckless /

    I think 48 pubs and 71 caches (probably should see how many in Dublin).

  7. 14 pubs.

    28 Caches.

  8. I tweeted… except I said you were having a contest on your blog – not your blow. I hope that is okay! 😉 I also added the “#geocaching” so more of the geocaching people will see it.

  9. Glad to see people are submitting guesses. When I land in Ireland, I’ll be seeing what people have posted. I’ll also be updating through twitter and such during the week (when I actually go online!) so you can see where you stand.

    Remember — you can get extra guesses. Just wait an hour between guesses! Tweet and blog!

  10. I blogged this… and I hijacked your pictures…. but they link back to you… and well… people want to know what they can win… so that’s why I did it.


    And….your even luckier… cause my blog posts get tweeted too!

    And honestly, I didn’t understand the whole wait an hour thing – becuase well. I’m not going to remember to do it in an hour. So… sorry. 😛

    And I don’t really know if I need to guess again? b/c you said something about “Second guess via tweeting your contest” I’m sorry. I was just really really confused.

    …in a really odd mood. Please forgive me.

  11. oh ok. so you don’t simply get extra entries for doing those things- I don have to guess. I kinda get it now. Going to try to remember to come back tomorrow. Seems as I’m flooding your comments anyhow! Muhahahhaha

  12. You do get extra entries!

    One for the tweet.

    One for the blog post!

    I just wanted to make it so if people were commenting, it wasn’t all one big rush. The hour thing probably is silly, though, considering it won’t be some big rush to enter. So you can probably post whenever. Just make each entry a separate comment! (so entry for twitter = another guess for each; then new comment for the entry for blog post etc.)

    Three total though. Once all set, that’s it! 😉

  13. LOL!! Here I am!
    23 Pubs
    37 Caches


  14. Guess 2:

    17 pubs.

    34 Caches.

  15. 3rd guess:

    12 pubs

    20 caches

  16. Here’s my guess!

    18 pubs, 21 geocaches.

  17. OK, let’s give this a go.

    I’m just back from Dublin myself, and I hope for the sake of my guess that you’re more of a drinker than either me or my boyfriend, as we managed to visit precisely zero pubs :) Although we did find 4 caches.

    I’m going to assume you are going to be far more successful on both counts, and guess 26 pubs (my logic being 10 per pub crawl plus 2 a day for the other 3 days), and 14 caches.

    Have a great time! I hope the current lovely weather over there lasts till your trip.


  18. Pubs: 20
    Caches: 40

    Have a great trip!

  19. JonesPosse /

    I will venture a guess though. I say :
    27 pubs
    42 caches.

  20. negativesleep /

    I would like to guess 22 pubs and 48 caches.

  21. negativesleep /

    I twittered the contest @negativesleep.

  22. Matt Jones /

    My guess is 27 pubs and 34 caches

  23. Reminder: If there are duplicate guesses on the numbers and one of them wins, the person who posted first will get the prize!

    If you notice you have the same answer as someone else, post a second guess for the one you duplicated only and note in the comment that you are correcting because of a duplicate!

    I have these all in a spreadsheet already, so I can change one if necessary. If you don’t post a second comment noting the duplicate, what I have in the spreadsheet stands!

  24. kjwx /

    Pubs: 11
    Caches: 45

  25. CachingCop /

    Pubs: 13
    Geocaches: 27

  26. audra /

    ha ha! 23 minutes too late! I only just saw this on the pathtags page. I am too late to enter, but because I think it is funny, my non-entered entry is A) 3 pubs B) 14 caches. hee hee. Have fun!

  27. audra /

    By the way, McDonalds is NOT a pub!!!! 😛

  28. You aren’t late. The deadline is 10 p.m. Tuesday, not Monday.

  29. thevidas /

    I’ll guess 29 pubs.

  30. Jellyfish /

    I’ll say 57 pubs and 37 caches.

    Enjoy the trip!!!

  31. airstreaming /

    FIRST PART 19 pubs
    Second part 19 caches

    HAVE FUN!!

    I was going to twitter this but it’s FULL! YIKES! I’ll post again later

  32. numakeh /

    Ireland is a very lovbely country, I wish i were there 😉 Have fun!
    1st Part: you visit 13 Pubs
    2nd Part: you’ll find 17 Caches

  33. Everything is up to date on here. The contest goes until 10 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday, June 29.

    I will approve more later if there are more in the queue.

  34. PinkDolphin /

    19 pubs and 9 geocaches

  35. I tweeted…(2nd guess).

    Have a lot of fun!!!

  36. I was just looking through recent logs on some of the Dublin caches we found last week – and there you are in O’Connell street! I guess you made it then :) Have a great time! (has your GPS realised where it is yet? :) when we went to Canada it took over an hour but it finally figured it out)

  37. Do you have room in your suitcase for me? I’m just plain jealous.
    I think you will likely hit about 24 pubs and 15 caches. Take lots of pictures!

  38. Yabut — thanks for the comment, but as an FYI, your guess came several days after the deadline, so I have to nullify it!

  39. well you’ve already totally blown my geocaches guess – looks like you are having a BLAST over there!

    I don’t suppose you happened to notice if the big wheel geocoin was still in Castle Rock? I dopped it there a week and a half ago, and there have been loads of visitors since but nobody has claimed it on the aite….I do hope it hasn’t gone missing :( it was a large silver geocoin with an engraved design of a Ferris Wheel on it….

  40. Sarah — Didn’t see that one in there. Saw a couple of coins, but not yours. =(

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