Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2014): Baseball

Jul 31

Baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

It’s always been my favorite sport. Whether it be learning at a young age how to play, or through high school and such as a player, it’s always been something I’ve loved. I’ve kept at it – sort of—as I still play softball. Yes, I realize it is two different things – but the idea of the game is the same.

When I put this month’s photo challenge theme out, I knew I could capture baseball. But what best way to do it? My goal is to show how baseball has been an important part of my life, from growing up to current age.

I also look forward to seeing what everybody else has come up with as I know it would be a tough theme for some. But the beauty of this challenge is to interpret and find a way to conquer a subject and make it your own.

Without further ado, here’s my five for this month.

1. Childhood

I know a lot of people will talk about Little League – and I enjoyed our youth baseball program – but when I think of childhood and baseball, I think different. We weren’t a true Little League, so we had teams and just played. But I think of our pickup games. We had one place we played often (behind a neighborhood church) and others where we went. We’d use baseballs until the laces fell off. If we didn’t have a ball, we’d play Wiffle ball. And, of course we’d trade baseball cards and such. I played Legion ball when I got a tad older, too, but the “sandlot games” were always the best.

My childhood was filled with a lot of baseball things.

My childhood was filled with a lot of baseball things.

2. Pete Rose

Yes, I know he is banned from baseball. Yes, I know he’s not necessarily the cleanest person in the game. But growing up, Pete Rose was my favorite player. No matter his later life and what he did managing, he played the game the right way. Always. He played hard and he played to win. And he helped the Phillies win the World Series. He’s the only person I waited in a line to get an autograph from and I still love having this ball as it was one I watched him sign.

My childhood idol.

My childhood idol.

3. Beat Writer

When I was hired at the one daily where I worked, I was informed that if I got the job, one of my primary beats would be covering baseball, which included the local minor league team and many things at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I was told this as though it was a punishment (apparently, writers in the past didn’t like the baseball beat), but I looked at it as a bonus. I was going to get paid to cover baseball? Score.

Some of the things from my time as a baseball writer.

Some of the things from my time as a baseball writer.

4. Dreams Park

In 1996, a small baseball camp (playing, not teaching) opened near Cooperstown. Fast-forward to the summer of 2013 and there’s more than 20 fields and more than 100 teams every week for 13 weeks straight. It’s a total machine and there is so much there. Last summer, as I needed work, I had the chance to work there as a photographer and I truly enjoyed it. I got some great shots, met some awesome people and really enjoyed my time there. I had debated going back this year on weekends, but with the new job and all, I’ve learned to cherish my weekends. Still, I’ll remember my time here fondly and have made some friends I’ll keep well beyond that one summer.

A great summer.

A great summer.

5. Summer of Baseball

This has been a Summer of Baseball for me. My goal was to hit 10 baseball parks and do whatever else I could baseball related. As of this writing, I’m at nine parks and plan on hitting several more. I always travel with my scorebook and a couple of other things so I can tell who we might be seeing on the field, especially at the minor league level. It’s been a lot of fun to do this during the summer and has really made me love the game that much more.

A lot of the items I'll take with me when going to a game.

A lot of the items I’ll take with me when going to a game.

That’s my five for the month. And, now it’s your turn.

If you took part this month, make sure you link up below. And for those who participated, make sure you try and get to other people’s blogs and comment and visit so we can continue to grow this challenge. Don’t forget, too, to come back tomorrow, Friday, August 1, and see the theme for August! NOTE: I also set up a Facebook group for those who participate in the challenge and are interested. I’ll post any announcements there and hopefully it can be a place where things are discussed and some interaction etc. You can access it here.

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  1. Gee, P.J., I never knew you were so in to baseball. You remind me of my brother who one summer he and his wife did a circuit of triple A baseball parks. He too loves baseball. I had to laugh at the Pete Rose baseball because I think at one time he charged people for signed baseballs, didn’t he? Nevertheless Mr Hustle was indeed a joy to watch. Your pics certainly demonstrate your love of baseball, my friend.
    nonamedufus recently posted..Photo Challenge – JulyMy Profile

  2. Nice collection of shots. Somewhere in the past, I lost my autographed baseball that had my favorite player’s signature on it – Nolan Ryan. I’m pretty sure it got lost in the move from our apartment to our first house.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Sometimes, things happenMy Profile

  3. Babs /

    I have to admit I don’t know what to comment this month :)

  4. Oh wow, you LOVE baseball! I had been to a game or two but never REALLY saw it until one of my boys played for a year. He wasn’t very good… all the other kids had been playing since they were small… I was really proud though of my son – he worked hard knowing he had no experience compared to the others. I have to say, I LOVED the games. He didn’t do a second year, and I was sad there would be no more baseball.

    Your first picture reminds me that I have padres baseball cards at my mom’s house from gosh, must be from about 1969?
    Katherine recently posted..July Photo Challenge Means Baseball!My Profile

    • Yep, I am a bit of a baseball nerd, you could say. And that’s cool about your son that he went for it and stuck it out for a year. It’s not an easy sport, that’s for sure.

  5. You certainly have a great assortment to depict this theme! It’s obvious you are crazy about this game! I really like the shot of the three balls in the grass. Not gonna lie…this one was a challenge for me. I’m looking forward to August’s theme of Colorful!

    • Yeah, I am a bit of a nut about the game! And I knew this would be a challenge to many (which explains the low amount of submissions this month), but the beauty of a challenge is to see what one can do to interpret! :)

  6. Hi PJ and thanks for the especially challenging theme. You really did a great job showcasing how baseball has been part of your life since childhood. You must really be enjoying your “summer of baseball” and I’m so glad that everything’s come together to allow you the opportunity to pursue one of your lifelong interests with particular passion this year. As for your photographs, they’re all terrific. My favourite is the one related to childhood.
    Mrs. GeoK recently posted..Monthly Photo Challenge (July 2014) – BaseballMy Profile

    • I think there will be some other challenging themes upcoming, too. I have a few in mind, just to see what others will do with them. That’s the best part of this challenge — to see what everyone will do!

  7. Great job. Your passion for the game is infectious.
    Mike D recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2014): BaseballMy Profile


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