30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: It has to be aliens (14/28)

I absolutely have nothing for this one.

Worse than that, it’s a Friday. So it would be nice to have a good post.

Instead, I’m scratching my head with this challenge at this point. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch.


The past few days, I’ve tried to catch up with reading all the other submissions for this challenge. I’m through four or five days. I need to catch up so I might be able to actually do what I should — read the posts on the day they come out. Ya know, to keep up and all.

I have done well with that the past two challenges. Not this time.

It has to be aliens. 

In fact, I’ve been completely awful with keeping up with comments at all. I am trying to catch up and respond on the blog to comments. It’s going to take time, but I’ll get to it. That also means visiting other people’s blogs etc. I’m getting there. Life has been really busy — with work, the foot issues and everything else. Not an excuse, just reality. Something has to give and find a way to give me time and stamina to do it.

It has to be aliens. 

You know what I love about blogging?


It’s kind of a way for me just to write. The odds are the post won’t make sense. It might be something off the top of my head, such as wondering why I can’t find a green dress shirt in my neck size.


It’s not like you care, but I feel like I want to put it out there. Same with an orange shirt.

I did get two ties, however, for $10.50 apiece the other day. Sweet deal.

It has to be aliens. 

Am I the only one who is getting sick of seeing “TBT” everywhere on social media. Seriously, who picked Thursday to be a throwback day? What if people want to do it Friday? It is TBF? What if they want to only do it in August? TBA? Or December? TBD?

All of a sudden it’s this wave of things. I love doing a throwback type of photo on the blog each week, but it’s not like I have to follow the world.

It has to be aliens.

Is anyone else sick of this winter? I am. This is, by far, one of the coldest winters I ever remember. It’s bone-chilling cold. And with the snow we’ve had, it makes it hard to do anything.

Add in the foot issue and it makes it really hard.

But really — enough. I am so sick of this winter. I have to let my car warm up for like 30 minutes each day, just so I don’t freeze on the way to work.

After all, it’s one thing to be cold — it’s another to be frigid, which is what much of this winter has been.

And no, this doesn’t have to be aliens. This weather can be summed up in one way and one way only.

Mother Nature is a bitch.

This is part of We Work for Cheese’s annual writing challenge. Despite what might be blamed, I had nothing to do with it. Go check them out for other crazy writers doing this challenge. 

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