30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: One Bite (12/28)

Feb 12

Do you ever watch the reality cooking show “The Taste?”

The premise, besides winning and getting better, of course, is being able to capture flavors and everything all in one bite. Not a full meal. Not something where you can explain how to merge flavors. One single bite.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty impressive.

I was successful in making blintzes for last year’s challenge, but I don’t think I could capture everything in one bite!

Not only do they capture an amazing bolt of flavors in one bite, they make it look good, too.

That’s just not fair.

I wouldn’t call myself any five-star chef, but when needed, I can do up some decent stuff. I have to follow directions though, as I am not creative enough with food to make my own dish. Further, I don’t have the tastebuds to do that.

Last year during this challenge, I made blintzes for one of the themes. Though plating them didn’t come out great, the end result was the taste — and they tasted unbelievably good.

But one bite?

I’m not sure I could get that all on a spoon for one perfect bite. Maybe, but I doubt it.

In my time on this Earth, I’ve had the “finger food” one bites at parties or things like that, but I’ve only ever truly had a one-bite taste once. That came this past summer when I went on a cruise.


One bite … amazing.

One night, two of us went to the steakhouse on the ship. The first course was a one-bit appetizer, selected by the chef. I got potato confit and it was divine.

I couldn’t believe the flavors and how they exploded in your mouth. Everything worked together and it left me wanting more, which I would imagine is part of the draw. But that was it. One bite and done.

There were a few more things like that on the ship, but more of two or three bites. The steakhouse was a legit one bite and it was amazing.

Having that experience, though, truly gives me appreciation for those who compete on The Taste. One bit to move on or go home. All in one bite.

Crazy. And amazingly cool.

This is part of We Work for Cheese’s annual writing challenge. Despite what might be blamed, I had nothing to do with it. Go check them out for other crazy writers doing this challenge. 

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  1. I mentioned The Taste in my draft post but then deleted it. Yours was perfect!
    Tami Von Zalez recently posted..The succubus and Chuck.My Profile

  2. One bite? How could you stop at one bite? What a great way to lose weight!
    nonamedufus recently posted..That Writing Thing in February – Day 12My Profile

  3. It’s amazing how much can be packed into such a small package. Leave ’em wanting.
    Linda recently posted..One Bite at a TimeMy Profile

  4. I could do it. If it was one really, really large bite. Now I’m hungry for blintzes. :) Off to check out the tee-shirts!

  5. I will get a shirt but can’t until feb 20, payday. I love it! And as far as the taste… I would love to try what they are having… I LOVE Tony… I would take a bite of him too!
    Katherine recently posted..One BiteMy Profile

  6. Man, I need one of those blintzes now! The school lunch I just ate was not very satisfying! (And yes, one bite of that was enough to tell me I needed something else!)
    Boom Boom recently posted..On the Road with 30M2DoW: Episode 12My Profile

  7. One bite would not be enough for me!I would need a whole tray or plate!
    Phil recently posted..This Drunken Munkey is causing a ruckus in NYC!My Profile

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever had a true one-bite dish.. Now I’m desperate for one!
    Ziva recently posted..30 Minus 2 Days of Writing III: One BiteMy Profile

  9. I have not seen that show but will now be on the lookout for it. I have never had that perfect one bite- something to shoot for!

  10. The reality cooking show “The Taste” is incredible. It’s amazing what they can do with just one bite. I can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich!
    Meleah Rebeccah recently posted..Have You Ever – Volume Nine – The Quitter EditionMy Profile

  11. Great post. The only flavors I really seem to have in my cooking is burnt or charred, however I can wholeheartedly claim that you can properly taste that flavor in just one bit. So anyone who can cook food that tastes anything other than burnt or charred has my utmost respect.

  12. I want to be a judge on that show. Anthony Bourdain and I could be every so sarcastic together! Your two photos are making me so damn hungry!
    Malisa recently posted..Shelter From The Storm With An Order of FriesMy Profile

  13. Gulp! I think I need a HUGE bite of cheese!

    I think I’ve seen this show on the TV at a restaurant we go to often. Those folks are talented.

    Great job with this prompt.
    ReformingGeek recently posted..28 Days of Writing – One BiteMy Profile

  14. One bite? I can’t just take one bite of anything, but especially not if there’s cheese involved!

    Also, you did a great job with the tees, P.J. I reserved mine!
    Nicky recently posted..For Better Or For WorseMy Profile

  15. Ahhh, how I love food porn!
    MsDarkstar recently posted..One BiteMy Profile

  16. You’re such a hands-on kind of guy. I admire that. I generally don’t lift a finger when it comes to generating content for my blog. Well, the most finger lifting I do is when I start typing up a storm.

    By the way, Diana and I each picked up a shirt today. We’re currently sitting at 6 out of 10 sold.
    KZ recently posted..With Apologies to Tony HortonMy Profile

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