30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Hint hint (7/28)

Feb 07

The beginning of March will signify the start of my seventh year of geocaching.

For those who have no clue what geocaching is, it’s basically a worldwide treasure hunt using GPS receivers. People hide an item, which ranges in size, posts the coordinates and then people go find them. When you find it, you sign the long, sometimes can trade trinkets and then log it online.

Quite simple.

The game has been wonderful to me as it’s taken me places I’ve never been or may never have seen if it weren’t for geocaching. It’s also gotten me out of the house more and given me a reason to exercise.

Signing a log.

All good things, I’d say.

However, like many hobbies and games, once you do it for so long, sometimes you need to switch things up. With geocaching, a lot of things become repetitive and boring. A rage in the geocaching community has been the same sort of micro-size caches. It makes it tough when going out in hopes of finding a cool cache.

There’s also, seemingly, been a push for the overly creative and hard finds. Therefore, some people just can’t find those caches. Though I like a good, creative and sometimes difficult hide, if I am traveling to find your geocache, my goal is to find it — not log a did not find.

So where’s the middle ground?

It all depends on the cacher you speak with. My own personal view is this — I want to hide something people enjoy. Some of my caches are harder than others, but I always want people to find them. DNFs don’t make me smile.

With that in mind, I utilize hints. I need to go through, but I’m pretty sure the majority of my caches have hints attached, thus helping a cacher. I’ve noticed, however, that many people don’t utilize hints and that’s a shame.

Even though I’ve played the game for so long, I still get stumped on the easiest of caches. Maybe I’m overthinking or overlooking because I’ve seen it before or whatever. But it happens and there are times I just need that extra “hint hint” from somewhere. And in the end, I see nothing in that spot.

Found it!

It’s disappointing to walk away from an “easy” cache without find. Also, for some of us who carry extra caches, if a hint helps give things away and the cache seems to be missing, we could always leave a replacement. Not knowing if I am missing it or not means I can’t help.

My favorite hint though? The ones that say “none” or “none needed.” (Mind you hints are decoded). What a waste. If you are going to do that, then don’t leave one at all.

Hint, hint — it’s a game. Make sure it’s fun for all!

(Side note and another “hint hint” — I have been really tied up with my whole health situation, so I haven’t had the chance to reply to comments and read other people’s posts. Rest assured I plan on catching up ASAP with everyone in the challenge!)

This is part of We Work for Cheese’s annual writing challenge. Despite what might be blamed, I had nothing to do with it. Go check them out for other crazy writers doing this challenge. 

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  1. I’ve wanted to do some geocaching. It sounds fun. I’m with you on finding that middle ground.
    ReformingGeek recently posted..28 Days of Writing – Hint, HintMy Profile

  2. I have not tried geocaching but I know people who have done it for years as well. They went with their kids to make it a family adventure.
    laughingmom recently posted..Hint, HintMy Profile

  3. Never done this but it sounds like fun. It’s great to have a hobby such as this, isn’t it?
    nonamedufus recently posted..30M2DW III – Day 7My Profile

  4. It sounds interesting. I probably don’t have the patience for it, though. Hope your health issues are improving.
    Linda recently posted..Scatterbrained?My Profile

  5. OMG I HATE MICROCACHES!!! You can’t even read the names and write cool things! I hate that my totally cool duck decoy ones were stolen. It breaks my heart.
    Katherine recently posted..I Need Another York Peppermint PattyMy Profile

  6. I’ve been meaning to try the whole geocaching thing forever, but maybe March will finally be my month. :)
    Ziva recently posted..30 Minus 2 Days of Writing III: It Was No AccidentMy Profile

  7. The one and only time we tried geocaching, we couldn’t find it. It can be very discouraging, especially for newbies or younger players and that seems very unfortunate to me. What’s the point of the game if not to find the treasure? Hope your surgery went well and you’re on your way to a speedy recovery!
    Nicky recently posted..How Did That Happen?My Profile

  8. I am in total agreement with you regarding the “none” or “none needed” type of clue. Just leave the box blank if that’s what you’re going to put.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2013): NewMy Profile

  9. Geocaching sounds like a blast. I’ve never tried it but perhaps I should some day. It would be a total bummer to find the cache missing, though. Glad you felt well enough to get a post in today. Sending healing thought to you, P.J.!
    Boom Boom recently posted..On the Road with 30M2DoW: Episode 7My Profile

  10. Geocaching sounds like a cool pastime, although I personally am too lazy to attempt such a thing. I’m impressed that you’ve been keeping it up for seven years. You’re like a worldly, rugged traveler or something, aren’t you? Should we start calling you Strider?
    KZ recently posted..Busta Rhymes Owes Me Fifteen DollarsMy Profile

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