Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2014): New

Jan 31

This was almost too easy of a topic for the month to pick.

Too bad, for me, it was a little harder to do! Maybe because it was cold or, maybe, it’s because there wasn’t a ton of new for me this month.

So I had to get creative, which is just what I did.

Despite planning on using the DSLR more, I ended up relying on the iPhone. So, with that in mind … let’s do it up. Five for the new, below. Enjoy!

And make sure you comment on other people’s so we can keep it as a community!

1. New Tire

I don’t even think I had 1,000 miles on the car and I caught a flat. Good times. It was so bad of something in the tire that I needed to buy a new one. Good times.

Fixin' a flat.

Fixin’ a flat.

 2. New champ

A local wrestler we’ve watched and been friends with for a couple of years won the local fed’s championship. Quite a good accomplishment. Hopefully it lasts a while!



3. Blogging

I decided to get a new blog planner this year to see if it helps. So far, not too bad.



4. Geocache

On Jan. 1, we went caching. So it’s nice to get some new finds. A FTF to boot!

Found it!

Found it!

5. Primanti’s

A new experience for me on a trip to Pittsburgh. It’s been featured on many food shows. Awesome stuff!



And that’s my five for the month of January.

If you took part this month, make sure you link up below. And for those who participated, make sure you try and get to other people’s blogs and comment and visit so we can continue to grow this challenge.

Don’t forget, too, to come back Sunday, February 2 and see the theme for January!

NOTE: I also set up a Facebook group for those who participate in the challenge and are interested. I’ll post any announcements there and hopefully it can be a place where things are discussed and some interaction etc. You can access it here.

Feel free to leave a comment, or e-mail P.J. at Also, please “Like” HooHaa Blog on Facebook!

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  1. You have a nice, mixed bag, of ‘New’ photos. Sorry about your new tire, though.
    Babs recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge – NewMy Profile

  2. Flat tires are the worst…especially in cold, crummy weather! I like your eclectic mixt of new stuff. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a blog planner!
    lisa recently posted..January Photo Challenge: NewMy Profile

  3. Yeah I think I’d rather be that wrestling champ’s friend and not his enemy. Good choice.
    nonamedufus recently posted..Photo Challenge – JanuaryMy Profile

  4. Well, there were some interesting new things in there! Sorry about the new tire.

    I’ve never done geocaching and have no idea what an FTF is, but I assume it’s good!
    Jay from The Depp Effect recently posted..Photo Challenge – New!My Profile

  5. I have NEVER had a FTF!!! Holy cow that is awesome! That is a perfect thing for “new!” The tire thing STINKS. I am so sorry about that. I am due for new tires before summer and I have no idea how I’m going to do it. Your pictures are awesome!
    Katherine recently posted..Blog Photo Challenge: NEWMy Profile

  6. Love the FTF pic. This is actually the first time I’ve heard the FTF acronym, and weirdly enough, I understood what it meant right away. We’re an acronym-centric society.

    And while flats suck, changing a tie in the winter is even worse.

  7. Sorry I’m late in posting this month. Things got in the way.

    A nice take on the theme for this month P.J. Now I need to head off and check out the others who have posted for this month.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2013): NewMy Profile

  8. Good collection of NEW. I haven’t jumped on a FTF in some time.
    Mike D recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2013): NewMy Profile

  9. you can buy a blog planner???? omg, i have never seen one, i think i need to check this out … loved your collection of new … mine is finally up, a little late, but … well… at least its up!
    Jo recently posted..Photo Blogging Challenge – JanuaryMy Profile

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