Go. Away. Mother Nature.

Jan 23


Why is it when I have a little weekend trip planned, the weather gets all stupid.

I’m supposed to be going to Pittsburgh this weekend, leaving as soon as I’m done work on Friday. As per normal, I planned geocaches for the way down and while there.

The forecast? I bet you can’t guess.

OK, maybe you can.

Some snow. Cold weather. It seems like if I drive straight through Friday night, it should be OK. But there’s some snow coming in Friday night/Saturday morning. That kind of makes the morning difficult.

Now, I got a massively good deal on a nice hotel. So if I have to chill and relax a little extra, I can do that. But I have plans, so I want to be able to do them.

The worst part is it’s looking like snow showers and such throughout the weekend. That’s not bad to deal with when kind of being in one spot. But I want to get around a little. And if all goes well, there’s an event Sunday night. I’d be heading home after that — so leaving Pittsburgh at about 11:30 p.m.

If it’s snowy and such for a 5+-hour ride, that’s going to stink. Especially because I am planning on being home by 5 a.m., sleep for a few hours and then start a whirlwind day (I have it off) of three appointments (dentist, eye doctor, regular doc).

So, come on, Mother Nature, throw a guy a bone here.

It is still just Wednesday night, so I’m sure things can change for the better. Or the worse. But with hotels already paid for (Priceline) and tickets for one event on Saturday night already purchased, it’s a trip that’s happening or I’m eating a few bucks, which I’d rather not do. So, it looks like I’ll be attempting this and hoping for the best.

I won’t lie, though. It would be awful nice if Mother Nature could change things up. I’ll take bitter temperatures. Just no snow, please. At least not until I get home.

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  1. Looks like Mother Nature has been playing with all of us. No snow here but I have not seen the sun for 2 weeks. Just cold winds and a lot of rain showers. Some of our provinces in the south are flooded. Not a great time for outings or travel. Take care!
    Jhanis recently posted..Parents of the Year AwardMy Profile

  2. Prayers that those meteorologists are WRONG! If you do go on this trip and are hit with lots of snow, be safe!!! Well, be safe either way. Ha! Enjoy your trip
    MJ recently posted..Better stand tall when they’re calling you out…My Profile

  3. Wow, hope the weather guessers are wrong on this one! As I sit here in middle Missouri, it’s 2F with a wind chill of -15F. But the sun is out, so it could be worse. We’re jettin’ out to Phoenix for the weekend to escape this @#$% at least for a few days.
    lisa recently posted..B is for BeatitudesMy Profile

  4. I hope you got to go on your trip to Pittsburgh. I just went last week and it was beautiful. We lucked out for a clear drive and stay, though. We are New Yorkers, WE CAN DO IT! It is just a little snow…(says the girl with a subaru with 4 new tires who is afraid of driving in the snow)

    Amanda Rose

  5. I would actually prefer snow to the bitter cold. Sometimes snow almost makes it seem warmer!
    Kate recently posted..Why I’m not a beauty bloggerMy Profile

  6. This has been a cold crazy winter so far, but watch next week will hit 55!
    Phil recently posted..Rising from the darkness it’s the Revenge of Spam!My Profile

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