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Oct 27

This post won’t be for the normal reader of this blog, unless you are a fellow blogger and are looking to swap buttons and/or links with me.

I’ve noticed, in recent years, small ads on the sidebars of other blogs. Digging further, through sponsor “links,” I see people sell these spots, or they trade spots with another blogger. They also only do a certain amount, and also on a limited time.

I’m OK with that. And if I had some extra scratch laying around, I’d probably sponsor a few blogs. Alas, I don’t.

I honestly don’t want to get into having paying ads on the blog. First, it’s a pain in the rear. There’s a cool site that will help with your ad sales, but it costs $9 per month. If I don’t make at lead $15-20 per month, then there’s no point in it.

And it’s not like I get a ton of hits where it’s worth paying me too much money.

Maybe I’m wrong. But for now, I’m going away from that.

So, here’s what I’m going to be doing — swaps.

I’m going to have a setup on my right sidebar called “Friends,” or “Friends of A ‘lil HooHaa.” Basically, whichever one fits best, I will use. I will take up to 10-12 buttons to put in that spot. The basis is going to be a trade. You feature mine, I feature yours.

What I need — a 100×100 ad (if you have it on Photobucket or elsewhere, that would be best — or if you already have an HTML setup with the link — even better). I’ll send you the link to mine on Photobucket (whatever size you use), and give you the link.

I’ll try and figure out how to do it so I can send you one code with all the info and hopefully it will be done before I get too many!

I do reserve the right to deny anybody on this. I won’t deny most, but any “adult” sites or blogs I think my readers may not like, I won’t use. Also, this is for personal blogs/networks only. I’m not set up for businesses as of now.

That being said, if you are a business and want me to review some stuff, I’m all for it. Just contact me as I would love to partner up with some cool things to review or write about.

The other thing I will do is a linkup. You can notice in my sidebar, I have a blogroll. From this point on, links will be put there on an exchange setup. You link me, I link you. I’ll still add links to other sites and my favorite blogs, but if I am going to do that, I’ll likely be doing a page elsewhere on the site — so it wouldn’t be on the main page.

Note 1: This is going to just be in the sidebar and I’m not going to place ads in posts or anything to disturb the normal aspect of the blog. But it’s also a way to hopefully allow others to find different blogs and maybe have some more fun things to read!

Note 2: To my readers — any time I am in a situation where I might have a sponsored post or reviewing something given to me for the reason of review, I will disclose it in the post. If you don’t see this disclosure on a review (say for books), it means I paid for it and I am reviewing on my own.

My contact info is below.

Feel free to leave a comment, or e-mail P.J. at hoohaablog@gmail.com. Also, please “Like” HooHaa Blog on Facebook!


  1. i think this is a great idea. i have a couple of bloggers who follow my blog and give me a little kick every now and then and it helps the readership. a lot with a couple of them.
    i have a difficult time expanding because i will not do the ten times a day post on my facebook. i know that there are other ways to work it but i just don’t have the time, right now, to set up new sites and business sites.
    when i figure how to send you what you need, i would love to ‘trade’ with you. i am only getting a couple thousand readers on my caching site but you do cover more than just caching. maybe i can trade with another blog. i’ll but on the thinking cap here.
    donna finchum recently posted..Cemeteries Of New Mexico – Looking For Those Haunted CachesMy Profile

    • It’s pretty much a way to make it so bloggers can help each other out and not have to worry about spending money. And it’s not just with people getting a ton of hits, it’s all about making it so others can help out etc.

  2. Sarah and I love this idea! We’ve followed you since we started our blog! Feel free to check us out at http://www.realsuburbia.com and let us know what you think. We do have a button in html form and we love doing link ups too. We have a link up page we can add you to with your button as well. Let me know what you think! Thank you
    Casey Sarah recently posted..Mommy Monday: Fur Babies EditionMy Profile

  3. I like this idea! I have a tab (or page, I guess it might be called) on my site for featuring other bloggers. I will add you to it. How do I get your button?

    I don’t know how to send you mine (do I just copy/paste the HTML code into an email?), but you can ‘grab’ it from my sidebar.
    Kari recently posted..Weekend Wrap ~ 10 Thankful Things (Week 21)My Profile

  4. Kari — that would seem to be a way to go. I’d have to send you my button, based on the size you need etc.

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