Northeast Bloggers October photo challenge: Movement

It’s been a few months since I participated in the Northeast Bloggers Network challenge, so I wanted to get back in it this month.

When I do a challenge or a linkup, I like to make sure it’s a blog post and not just a link to an image somewhere. It makes it feel more like a challenge.

This month’s theme was “movement.”

For it, I decided to keep it a bit simple.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in South Jersey for a few days. A couple of those days were spent at the Cape May County Zoo, which has several baby animals that have been born in the past few months.

The one I really wanted to see was the baby giraffe, which was born on Sept. 2. Of course the first day we went, it was rainy. So the baby (or any of the giraffes) wasn’t out. We went back a day or two later and we got the chance, thankfully, to see it.

This photo shows the movement.

Basically, the mother giraffe was nudging the little one along to get walking and explore. It was fun to watch.

Mother giraffe nudging her newborn daughter to move along.

Feel free to stop over at the Northeast Bloggers Network blog to see who else participated this month!

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6 thoughts on “Northeast Bloggers October photo challenge: Movement”

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I was so happy I got to see them as I feared I wouldn’t.

      It seems this month’s challenge ended up not getting posted, unfortunately. The group is growing though, so hopefully things will keep up!

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