Ten Things of Thankful: Life is pretty decent right now

Oct 20

Sometimes, in life, you have to stop, take a deep breath and realize there are things to truly be thankful for.

So, when offered the chance to get involved with this, I thought it was a good idea. I realize some bloggers will do this every week, but if I do posts like this, I look at it a couple of ways, besides having the chance to find some other good blogs to read:

  • I want it to be meaningful and from the heart.
  • It has to be things I’m truly thankful for.

Therefore, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. Maybe I’ll try and do this every couple of weeks and try and rotate it with my Soundless Sunday posts to have a little diversity. Or maybe I’ll do one of these every three weeks or so. Who knows. Basically, if I can find 10 certain things I’m thankful for at the time, I’ll do it up.

Anyhoo, without further ado, let’s check what kind of things I have to be thankful for at this moment in time, in no particular order.

1. Living 

This may seem like a cheesy way to start things off, but it’s true. Though my life isn’t going in the direction I’d truly like it to go right now, the reality is it could be much worth. So this encompasses many things — like realizing even though things aren’t great for me right now, I could be in much more dire need.

2. Family

Take a look at the news any day and you’ll find reports of dysfunctional families. Maybe it’s someone harming a parent or a child or siblings doing something bad. Though my family is far from perfect (and I’m sure we’d all admit it!), we get along, we stay pretty close and appreciate what we all can do. We support and we do what we can to help one another. And I’m not talking just immediate family, either. My extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles etc., are also quite close. That’s something I’ll always treasure and, as I get older, I appreciate it more and more.

3. Photography

I do like to spend time by myself and photography has always been a big part of times like that. There’s still nothing like going out with my camera, going for a walk and finding things to snap photos of, at least in my mind. I see things differently when I have my camera. I’m not sure what I would be like without having that in my life as it’s, at times, been a bit of a life-saver when it comes to me dwelling on things too much or going out and doing something.

Fall and photograph mix well together.

4. The fall

You know, there are parts of the country — and the world — where they don’t get to experience the four seasons. Living in the Northeast of the United States really gives me the chance to see all four — spring, summer, winter and fall. That also gives the chance to be able to go out and capture some great colors and such with the camera. As much as I’d love to move somewhere to experience life differently, this area affords the four seasons so well and I would truly miss it if I went elsewhere.

5. Good friends

There is no way I’d have been able to get through the past few years without good friends. While family is always a help, the reality is friends always play an important part in your life. For my closest friends, I consider them extensions of my family, anyway. So whether it’s going out for a beer, sitting down to shoot the shit for a few hours, going to a game or something else, I have a group of friends who have been absolutely amazing. They also know when or when not to ask about my job situation as it can become quite a drag to talk about. Friends are worth their weight and gold (though I’m not sure I could cash in? I kid, of course!)

6. Geocaching

Since becoming a major hobby in my life in 2008, this game has been so good to me. I’ve met some great people I call friends now, I’ve had some wild adventures and it’s allowed me to get outside, walk, hike and try and stay somewhat healthy. The reality is this game has been such a great thing. From the social aspect to being able to explore places I may have never seen without it, I’m highly thankful for it.

Geocaching has been good for my mind and body, so that’s something to be thankful for.

7. Health

I may not be the healthiest person in the world with some things, but for the most part, I’m doing pretty well. I can still get up, work, play, hike, bike, run, walk, play softball or whatever else. I may have to take a few meds, but I think most of the country has to! That being said, I know I have to work on some things (losing weight, just trying to be healthier overall) and I’m thankful I have the health to be able to work on it and try and improve things.

8. Blogging

Writing has always been something I’ve done. I’ve said it on this blog before, but I had my first newspaper story published when I was in seventh or eighth grade.  Though I’ve blogged since 2005, I really got into it and the whole aspect of it when I got laid off from the newspaper job in 2011. Now, it’s a secondary part of who I am and I love it. The community is amazing. The people I follow and read are ones I’m truly glad I found. And for those I’ve created more of a friendship with, it’s even better. I love the reality that there are people I consider pretty solid friends who I met through blogging.

9. Wrestling

OK, some may look at this and say … what the? But I have to put this here. Why? Because like other things, I’ve made some pretty good friends through it. And during a time when I needed it, it gave me a cheap form of entertainment and one where I had the chance to mix my love of photography. The independent world of pro wrestling has made it so I have something to look forward to seeing every month or three. And it truly is some fun entertainment.

10. Brewing beer

I end with this one. When I started doing it earlier this year, I didn’t know what to think. Now I know of more things I can do while brewing. Whether it’s ingredients, or hops or anything else — I have a better appreciation for beer. And I also like knowing I made something that doesn’t suck. Is it the best beer made? Nah. But I’ve made some pretty tasty ones and I look forward to making many more.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. As a home-brewer of wine, I can only commend you for adding your #10. Mega kudos for that :)

    Your photograph of those autumn leaves is Mind. Blowingly. STUNNING.

    *taking a moment to look again*

    That right there almost made me like autumn :)

    You have some gorgeous things on your list. I’m glad that your family are close and you have such good friends – those are so important, and WONDERFUL when they can be included on a list like this.

    So pleased you’ve joined up with us, and if you do alternate weeks or join in once a month, we shall be pleased to welcome you as many times as you are happy to return :)
    Considerer recently posted..TToT 20:2 The InterviewMy Profile

  2. Glad you joined in. It’s a great group! I try to do it every week because it helps me appreciate the little things even when they seemed few and far between. I can totally see why you’d want to wait for the biggies though. Happy weekend! Jealous of your beer brewing!
    Kate recently posted..Another week of thankfulnessMy Profile

    • I’ve seen you and a few others do it, so thought it was a good time to jump on. As for thebeer brewing … it’s not too hard — you should give it a go!

  3. What a great list of things to be thankful for. :)
    Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka recently posted..Link LoveMy Profile

  4. Welcome to the TToT…
    Lizzi said it best: beautiful photograph, horrible, horrible the world will die in darkness time of year (er, I kinda ‘expanded’ on Lizzi’s sentiment there).

    Agree with you about friends; (to me) family is something you have, friends is something you earn.

    by all means, stop by on weekends, even if you don’t choose to do the List thing… Lizzi has started something fairly remarkable here with this bloghop… a genuine sense of community, which, for means I get to jump into other people’s Comment threads… for the fun of it or whatever. It, as a bloghop, stays active for the full two days as well.

    again, good to see a new ‘face’
    clark recently posted..TToT XX.V the Wakefield Doctrine ‘wherein we try to get a sneak peak at the future, looking through past-coloured glasses’My Profile

    • Thanks for the welcome. I like the idea of the TToT and look forward to participating again down the line. I’ll stop by when I can (it would usually be a Sunday post). I still need to get through more of this past week’s posts though!

  5. Welcome to the hop! Whether or not I can identify with everything on your list, I like the mixture of serious and fun items. I love the colors in your fall photo, too!
    Kristi recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful: Short and Sweet EditionMy Profile

  6. I have friends who homebrew beer and have a big Oktoberfest each fall to share their new brew. Loads of fun.
    I, too, love photography. Unfortunately, I don’t get to simply take my camera out for a walk ever. Sometimes, I just have to take a photo for myself in my mind. Your leaf photo is lovely!
    I’m with you on the health. The older we get, the more it seems everyone has something for which they need to take medicine.
    Glad to see you on the hop again!
    christine recently posted..10 Things of Thankful, Week 20My Profile

    • I’m still at the beginning stages of my homebrewing,but I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s been fun to mess around. Have to keep learning though!

      I know the feeling with the camera, but there are times I feel I just have to make that time and see what I can come up with! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. If the rest of your photos are anything like the one you posted above, you are an amazing photographer!

    I lived in LA for a few years, and I really missed the seasons, especially fall. (Winter, I can do without.)

    My kids did some geocaching (ooh, spellcheck doesn’t like that word, but it doesn’t like “spellcheck” either) during a gifted summer school program and had a great time.

    So glad you joined our TToT hop! You have a great list of thankfuls. I hope you’ll be able to join us again soon!
    Dyanne @ I Want Backsies recently posted..It’s Better To Carry A Tune Than A Grudge*My Profile

    • Thank you for the compliments. I do like the seasons, but I’ve grown to the point where winter drags me down, especially with shortened days with light!

      Geocaching is a great little hobby and can get people out and about, which is really a bonus!

  8. Yeah, its Monday so Im a bit of a straggler if you haven’t caught on yet… But hey, I too like giraffes! (ahem…lol!) WElCOME to the TToT… glad you joined in… I want to know more about the geocaching…looking forward to more posts or more time just to explore your blog!

  9. That picture of Fall leaves is absolutely divine, between the turned over leaves, the shadows, and that crisp sky…

    Thankful lists are wonderful to do. Perhaps one day I’ll join in publicly too.
    Gunmetal Geisha recently posted..The Politics of ThinnessMy Profile

    • Thank you for the comment. That is one of the best fall photos I’ve ever taken, I think. And, agreed, thankful lists can be wonderful. But I think I would find it very hard to do it on a weekly basis!

  10. Terrific list of things to be thankful for! I am also going to try home brewing!
    Phil recently posted..People Stalking Celebrities in NYC!My Profile

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