Carnival Pride cruise review: Top photos on the ship

Sep 03

I stood at the front of the ship quite often. Being on the ninth floor was quite nice to be able to just watch as the ship sailed on.

(This is the fourth in a six-part series about my first cruise. I sailed on the Carnival Pride from August 4-11. It started and ended in Baltimore, making stops in Port Canaveral, Florida; Nassau, Bahamas; and Freeport, Bahamas. The other parts of this series are scheduled to run  over the next couple of weeks). 

I wanted to take a break from all the other reviews and share some images from the trip. I took a lot of photos, whether with my main camera or my iPhone, so I wanted to pick out 10 or so images to share with you.

These images are all from the boat, however. I didn’t want to use port shots or anything as I covered that already. So anything goes with these, as long as they were on the ship.

Remember, my initial reason for being on this cruise was to take photos for a wedding. And the wedding took place on the ship, so that’s all good, too.

I’m trying not to duplicate ones I’m using in other posts, but nothing can be guaranteed!

I have picked out 10 photos below, in no particular order.

1. Sunset

It’s unfortunate, but I didn’t get to see too many cool sunsets. With a later dining time, we were eating when these often happened. I was told I missed an amazing one on one night, but there were a few other nights where it was too cloudy or it just didn’t have that “magical” feeling. This one was pretty amazing, though.


2. Newlyweds

As noted above, I was on the ship to also take photos for a wedding. As we were walking around after the service, we wanted to set something like this up. However, this was as I was testing some lighting things out. I really loved how the shot came out.


3. Carnival Pride

I love shots like this. Just simple things, but it shows the ship you are on and that you’re on the ship. I took a few of these over the course of the week, but liked this one quite a bit.

On the Carnival Pride

4. Dolphin

I had heard about dolphins swimming with the ship. In fact, somebody had seen them a day earlier. I didn’t know if I’d have the chance. I was walking on the deck one day and saw a bunch of people looking over. I had my camera and looked over … and there they were. I snapped as many shots as I could before they disappeared, but it was really wild to see.


5. Another Carnival ship

One night, while sitting out on the balcony of my room, another Carnival ship sailed by. I pulled out the zoom lens, knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep it still enough to get a crisp shot. So I messed with the movement, hoping to get something cool. I liked how this one turned out.

Another Carnival ship sailing by

6. View from the front

I never got tired of going up to the top decks to lean on the railing and just stare out as the ship sailed along. The views were amazing, the wind hit you in the face and it was extremely relaxing. Often, I was the only one there, too, so the quietness was very peaceful.

Sailing ahead

7. Storm brewing

The view changed on the final day at sea as we headed into a crazy looking storm.

Storm ahead

8. Getting off the ship

OK, I consider this technically part of the ship. I took this one day when getting off the ship at a port. Just really thought the look of it was pretty neat.

Walking off the ship

9. Sunset II

Another sunset shot. Not quite as nice as the first night, I don’t think. And this one disappeared before the horizon because of clouds. But I liked how it glistened the water.

Another sunset

10. Setting them up

OK, so a somewhat “selfie” shot as the final one. This is as I was trying to line up everybody from the wedding who was sailing. It wasn’t the easiest of jobs, especially because of how nice it was on the ship!

Set up!

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  1. You took some amazing pictures! Especially the Dolphin. Makes me want to go on a cruise right now!
    Phil recently posted..The Crazy Things We Stop To Stare At In NYC!My Profile

    • Thanks, Phil. That dolphin was complete luck that I had everything I needed. I didn’t see any more the rest of the trip!

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