The time has come to pick my favorite new Lay’s flavor

Apr 10

Lay’s Do us a Flavor is underway!

The Lay’s annual flavor contest is underway, as I’m sure many of you may know.

The contest gives people the chance to pick from three new flavors. The winner will be added to the Lay’s family of potato chips. This year, the three flavors are Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles and Srircacha.

People need to vote on Lay’s “Do us a flavor” Facebook page for their favorite new chip.

I need to preface all of this by saying I did not and likely won’t try the Sriracha flavor as it’s not one I enjoy. So my votes came down to two flavors.

A solid choice, but some of the flavors didn’t pop out.

One issue was being able to find them in my area. It’s not easy. For a while, the only one that could be found was Srircacha. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to taste the others.

Alas, soon the Chicken & Waffles flavor showed up and that was my first experience with this year’s batch of flavors.

I liked it.

The hint of maple syrup was pretty strong and it took a few chips before I really got the flavor profile. I liked them quite a bit. I’m not sure these are chips I would sit down and have with a sandwich, but grabbing a handful as a quick snack would be nice. They were a touch sweet, which was nice with the salty potato flavor. However, the chicken wasn’t noticeable that well to me. That being said, I did get the full taste a few times and really enjoyed it when I did.

Eventually, I also had the chance to try and Cheesy Garlic Bread.

These were the ones I really wanted to taste. I’m a cheesy garlic bread fan, so being able to have them in chip form seemed like quite the deal. I’m a garlic fan, but these chips have quite a garlic kick. The cheese is there and they mix well. But it is a strong flavor, not subtle by any means. I liked it, but I couldn’t eat many at a time (which, I guess, can be a good thing) and — like the Chicken & Waffles — I don’t think I’d sit down and eat these with a sandwich.

So, the decision isn’t an easy one.

I honestly don’t know how often I’d purchase either of these if one were the winning choice. Maybe here and there to get a different flavor. But when I want something other than normal potato chips, I’m a massive fan of the Lay’s Dill Pickle chips. That makes me wonder if I’d grab a bag of one of these or if I’d move along.

The flavor profile in these really popped, almost too strong. But it was all there.

In the end, I have to go with a flavor profile as my choice.

Both chips had a pretty good taste, in my eyes. I probably wouldn’t shy away from grabbing a handful of either if they were available. Both had positives and negatives, so this is, by far, no easy choice. Do I go with the stronger garlic and cheese combo. Or the more subtle chicken & waffle? What got me in the end was full flavor and bold taste, which I think won me over with dill pickle years ago.

With that said, I’m voting for the Cheesy Garlic Bread, the flavor submitted by Karen Weber-Mendham or Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. On the Lay’s Facebook page, she noted her inspiration was “You’re at your favorite Italian restaurant, you’re starving & WAITING FOREVER. Finally, the breadsticks come & they save your life!” 

Sounds about right to me. Good luck in having your chip chosen as the one to join the Lay’s family!

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  1. Apparently I missed this contest completely. Since I like spicy food, I love to try the Srircacha flavor. The garlic ones sound interesting, too, but I’d have to pass on chicken and waffle flavor. Now I like both chicken and waffles,just not together.
    Linda recently posted..The Hyacinth and Greek MythologyMy Profile

  2. Chicken & Waffles all the way! If I can’t actually have chicken & waffles, I totally want these chips.. all the time.

    Linda, I just have to say, I said the *exact* same thing about chicken & waffles as you just did – until I tried it. It just doesn’t sound right but it goes together SO well!

    In fact, now that I think of it, I should have voted for Sricacha just to keep my diet on track.
    Jonna recently posted..Doing YOU WELL Wednesday!My Profile

    • I had a hard time choosing, to be honest. I would not be disappointed with whichever won, outside of the Srircacha!

  3. No, no, no! Sriracha all the way! I’d like all three to be mass produced actually.

  4. And actual chicken and waffles are the best thing ever! Gladys Knights Chicken & Waffles in Atlanta is a must.

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