Wild roving in New Jersey

Mar 18

There’s a disc golf tournament I love to play in — The March O’ St. Pat’s Madness at Rutgers Disc Golf Course in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

This past Sunday, I played in it for the third straight year.

The tournament is excellent. It’s run well and it’s always fun — an important aspect of disc golf. I’ll get more into the overall tournament stuff on my disc golf blog down the line. Today’s post here is more about the entertainment value.

But with a full tournament (90 players) and a colder day, people didn’t stick around as long after the event. Usually, we’re treated to a show by Dennis McDonough. The show includes some good tunes, some “creative” lyrics and all around good fun.

Alas, there were only a few songs this time around, including one I requested — the Wild Rover, an Irish folk song. Good stuff.

Here’s a video of that song.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll look forward to next year’s tournament as well. Maybe with some better weather!

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