Brrrrr… bring on the spring

Mar 14

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the spring.

We were treated to some nice weather recently, but it took an evil turn yesterday and into today. It went from mostly sweatshirt weather to downright frigid again! As in temperatures in the teens!


We even got some snow last night. The National Weather Service claimed 2-4 inches was coming. We got maybe an inch, which lines up to what was saying. I’m glad they were right.

I’m ready to start seeing this instead of the white stuff!

It seems there could be some more squalls, but things might pick up this weekend.

I hope it’s at least decent where I am heading for a disc golf tournament. If not, it will stink to have to go through a couple pair of shoes, socks and whatever else I need to do to stay warm.

I did get out in this cold weather to go find a geocache, though. I was first to find, which was the first time I have had an FTF in nearly six months. I don’t usually chase them anymore as there are a few people who get to them much quicker. But this one was out of the way and it was published near noon yesterday, so after lunch I headed over.

After about an hour of searching, I gave up.

Turns out the coordinates were slightly off. The thing that stinks is I looked where it actually is yesterday. I had my hand in it’s hiding spot. So mad.

Armed with a hint, I went back today. Yes, in the cold weather. And the light dusting of snow. And after 15 minutes or so, I found it and signed the blank log for the FTF. I also took coordinates (I needed to do it twice as the first set I took were much like the posted ones –and about 50-70 feet off). The second set let me to the spot, so I sent them along to the owner.

Still despite the cold, it was nice to get out and find a cache.

The spring is hopefully going to get people back in the geocaching spirit. Maybe a bunch of new caches will start popping up. I can soon go after the ones in the area I don’t have (which are hikes and not in a nice spot to do in the winter) and maybe exploring elsewhere.

A job would be nice, too. Maybe the spring will change my luck there? If I get one out of the area, I really will have a new place to explore!

But I’m ready for the spring.

The longer days are a good start. But it’s time for Mother Nature to let us see more sun and blue skies and let the temperatures start rising a little. This winter was definitely harder than the last one, so I’m ready to see spring start taking form.

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