30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: The other shoe (20/28)

Feb 20

Geocachers are quite known for being creative.

I will say it’s not always a good bit of creativeness, either. After all, geocaches can come in different shapes and sizes — and items. Such as fake poo. Seriously. I’ve seen a fake broken beer bottle before, too (it was plastic). There are a lot of “creative” hides out there that make people cringe.

Then there are ones that tend to make you smile.

Maybe it’s a creative container in a cool spot. Or just something that takes you to a cool view. For every bad “creative” cache, there has to be many more that would qualify as good.

Then there’s taking advantage of something already in place. Such as a pair of caches that used to be in Vestal.

(Side note: I really wish I had a photo of the caches I’m writing about. Alas, I don’t, so I’ll try and write about them the best that I can.)

The first rendition of this cache was called What’s this all aboot?? It was a micro (so, small) and had the following as a description:

I drive by this thing everyday and wonder what is the story behind this? It’s been there for about a year. This is a simple goofy micro.

Park at the close by restaurant’s parking lot. Do NOT park on Rt. 434! Even though there is a side walk here, I wouldn’t recommend taking very young children or pets here, because of all the traffic that goes by. I would also recommend you do this one at night! If you want to have more fun, tell us in your on line log, how you think this object ended up here!

Published on March 23, 2009, the cache seemed to be a success. It had 60 finds on it before it received a did not find, which is when the item disappeared.

The yellow sign is where the shoe(s) once hung. Snagged image from Google Maps. Look close enough and it almost looks like something is hanging from it. Maybe this was before one of them disappeared?

What was it?

The item was an old, beat-up sneaker hanging on a highway sign. Inside the shoe, a cacher placed a film canister with a log inside. The cache container itself wasn’t anything out of the ordinary — but the item it was in wasn’t normal.

Sadly, the cache ended up having to go. On Dec. 16, 2009, a cacher logged a DNF. Ten days later, the owner noted he would check on it. On Jan. 6, 2010, he posted the following:

Since the boot is gone, so is the mystery. Replacing with another boot, just wouldn’t be the same.

And, like that, a humorous and funny geocache was sent into retirement.

Several months later, another cacher decided it was time for the shoe to return. So, on July 25, 2010, the cache called What’s this all aboot: The other shoe drops! appeared.

Part of the new description said:

So, it’s time for a redux! The other shoe has dropped and this micro is back where the original was, so grab this one while you can! The original lasted for a LONG time considering, but this one may not!

This time, 74 people logged finds on the cache, with the lone DNF being one of the final people checking for it. It seems construction in the area may have eaten up the cache, unfortunately. That log came on May 29, 2011. It was soon disabled, and on Sept. 20 after a few months of no activity or updates, an administrator archived the cache.

And like that, the original sneaker — and the other shoe — were disabled. But for those of us who found each of those caches, it’s always worth a chuckle.

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  1. I love coming upon something completely unexpected that makes me smile. Wish I’d seen the hanging shoe.
    injaynesworld recently posted..injaynesworld it’s “My Cold Left Foot…”My Profile

  2. Hey P.J. you kinda lost me at Vestal. But I followed along as best I could and saw how interesting and fun geocaching can be…I guess.
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 20: The Other ShoeMy Profile

  3. Okay, when this challenge is over, I really must try geocaching, this sounds like a lot of fun. :)
    Ziva recently posted..The Evil TwinMy Profile

  4. Love it! What a great use for a lost sneaker. Now, if you could only reach the ones that get flung over phone lines here in the hood….
    Boom Boom recently posted..The Other Shoe (30M2DoW: Day 20)My Profile

  5. I never realized that people used cool things in which to hide their caches.
    laughingmom recently posted..30 Days of Writing Minus 2 – The Other ShoeMy Profile

  6. I really think Mike and I need to give geocaching another go. I had no idea there were shoes involved! 😉
    Nicky recently posted..ShoesMy Profile

    • I think I need to get back up to Montreal and take you two geocaching to show you how it’s done… then you guys can take over! 😉

  7. I found myself googling a lot while reading your post. I guess I am living in outer space. I don’t know what is going on in the real world. However, you have opened my eyes. While I’m on the road for a year, I may dabble in your world for awhile.
    Malisa recently posted..Paybacks Are HellMy Profile

  8. I love geocaches that give you a chuckle. We found this cache, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=1fa6e4d7-e6e7-48b6-97d6-1d6a3c9b816a entitled Pit Stop while on a camping trip near Redwoods National Park.

    When we go on camping trips, I create bookmark lists of caches that look interesting along our intended route. I very rarely put micros on the list, because my son has little to no tolerance for micros. This one is a small. We’d both decided that we were tired and wanted to get to our campsite for the day, so we basically ignored most of the caches along the road.

    As we approached this one, the area widened out and we had a large grassy field off to our right and I could see just beyond that field was a dirt area, perfect for parking. Immediately, I pulled off the road, because I’d spotted the cache hiding spot from about a tenth of a mile away. I pulled into the parking area, told my son the name of the cache and he made a bee-line for it without the use of his GPSr. Who in the heck, puts a full toilet out in the middle of a field like that and how does stay in one piece or not get hauled away after at least 7 years of sitting out there?

    Those are questions left unanswered, but we found the cache in the tank part, high and dry. And yes, I too, should have taken a shot of one of us sitting on the throne out in the middle of that field.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Flashback FridayMy Profile

    • Fully agreed, Paul. The ones that give you a chuckle can be good ones as it makes you appreciate those hides.

      Sounds like your cache was a good one. I’ve seen a couple like that before and they always make me laugh!

  9. I have seen so many totally cool geocaches over the last two years we have been doing it. I am especially proud of Lonestar, our geocache duck, made from a real duck decoy. She sits in the middle of a few trees on a nest. We have had lots of neat comments about her. Some of the ones we have seen are insanely clever… there was one hanging in a tree… camo rope, and it was IN a log… so you could not see it up in the air. Love them all!
    Katherine recently posted..GROANMy Profile

    • The creative ones always seem to stay in your mind, don’t they? It’s what makes this a lot of fun.

  10. Shared experiences are what living is all about, isn’t it? It’s the reason why listening to a song on the radio is so much more fun than hearing that same song shuffled into your mp3 playlist.

    This was an interesting post, P.J. I’m kind of ignorant to the world of geocaching, but you’ve done an excellent job of conveying its appeal.
    KZ recently posted..The Ballad of ShudoMy Profile

    • I totally agree on the shared experiences. Geocaching is a lot of fun. Give it a look. You may enjoy it!

  11. Hey P.J., I know nothing about this, but it does sound intriguing… Indigo
    Indigo Roth recently posted..The Ruin Of Their LivesMy Profile

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