30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Home at last (18/28)

Feb 18

Traveling is great, but it’s always nice to head home!

I love traveling.

It’s truly refreshing to see other places in the world, whether near or far from your home base. To see how people live, interact and do the same sort of things you might do is a fun way to almost escape reality.

Traveling is tiring though!

I’ve heard people speak about this in the past and I always wondered what they were talking about. When I traveled years ago, I’d go full-force for several days, sleep in, have full days and nights and come back raring to go. But as I’ve aged ever-so-slightly, I see what people are talking about.

It can wear you out.

With traveling around wherever you are, packing in things to do, places to eat and, sometimes, a few cordials, some people “work” harder when on vacation than in the real world.

Personally, I don’t usually skip a beat once a vacation ends. I can kick back into gear doing what I need to do and usually have no “lag” in regard to energy and such. Even after flying somewhere. I don’t know why that is, but it seems to work well enough for me. It could be that I usually try and plan a day or two off after a vacation.

But I have realized something — when ending a vacation, it does always feel good to be home at last.

No matter where I’ve been, it’s nice to get back to normal. And I can say, even if I ever won some massive lottery and got to travel at will, going home is always mice. Friends, family and everything else — it’s nice to be back to normal.

I’ve been lucky to travel to some pretty cool places in my life, whether work-related or personal. From Ireland to Montreal to Austin to Florida — I’ve had some fun times.

But it’s always nice to come home.

The best part of it is it makes you yearn to keep traveling. To see more places and things. To get a feel of a culture you aren’t used to as much as normal. But that’s why it’s a vacation and not home, right?

Put yourself into these situations. How many times have you come back from a great vacation and said something along the lines of “That was a great vacation, but it’s great to be home at last.”

My feeling is many of you have said it. I know I have.

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  1. Very true, P.J. And there’s nothing quite like your own bed either.
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 18: Home At LastMy Profile

    • Amen to that. Though, to be fair, depending on the hotel, that’s the one thing I usually hate leaving!

  2. Until I saw Paris, I would have said that coming home is the best trip of all. Paris ruined that for me. I never want to leave that beautiful city.
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Short Men and Red RosesMy Profile

  3. Oh yes, I say that every time I come home after travelling. :) I have a new-found appreciation for my own bed, my own space, my own culture and food. But at the same time, I always treasure the experiences I’ve had immensely. I absolutely love seeing new and exciting places. :)
    Ziva recently posted..Home At LastMy Profile

  4. I will admit I’ve said it.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Flashback FridayMy Profile

  5. Very true about coming home. I love to travel but don’t like flying anymore. Your picture made me a little nauseous.
    laughingmom recently posted..30 Days of Writing Minus 2 – Home at LastMy Profile

  6. I may not want to leave my vacation spot to come home, but I’m always glad when I get there.
    Linda recently posted..Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  7. Amen to that =)
    Indigo Roth recently posted..Not Factory FittedMy Profile

  8. I’ve said it. And then the kids start yelling and the cat tries to kill me and the laundry is piled up and the dishes are dirty and I regret coming home. :-)
    Nicky recently posted..Rhyme For No ReasonMy Profile

  9. Smiling… that reminds me of the moment we pulled back in to the driveway after a vacation when I was a child. Mom would purposely say, “Home again, Home again, jiggedy jig” and we would call out, “DON’T SAY THAT!”

    But we were all happy to be home!
    Katherine recently posted..Haiku: True PeaceMy Profile

  10. There’s nothing so satisfying as driving down my street after a long road trip and see that my house is still standing! I love coming home, even if it is a bit of a crap shack!
    Boom Boom recently posted..Little Things (30M2DoW: Day 19)My Profile

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