30-2 Days of Writing/Life with Earl: Whatever, dude (17/28)

Feb 17

Life With Earl is a semi-regular feature on A ‘lil HooHaa. For the back story, click “Earl” at the top of the page to see past stories. This is a shorter version of Earl than I’d normally do… but Earl was in a bit of a rush today.

Oh, Earl.

For those who don’t know Earl, allow me to tell you something about him — he loves donuts. When I say love, I mean full-out, unadulterated, unhealthy love.

There are often times we meet Earl at the local Dunkin’ Donuts to chat about what’s going on in the world.

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to absorb Earl’s obsession with donuts.

See, whenever Earl finds out about something — like when it’s time to make the donuts — he’ll go off into an excited tangent. That usually means one of us — me, Jay or the Big Easy — will be getting a call exclaiming pure excitement about the donut and Earl’s love of said donut.

That’s why the early morning wakeup call both surprised me and didn’t surprise me.


“Hi, Earl. Thanks for waking me up for that news report.”


“I heard you, Earl. No need to shout. It’s six a.m. on a Sunday for goodness sake.”


“Earl, calm down. It’s red velvet. You realize it’s a cake with some food coloring, right? And I think that donut has been out for a few months. I thought it left with the holidays?”


Usually, I’m all about meeting up with Earl. See, Earl is a constant source of entertainment for those who know him. And, well, even for some who don’t know him. And, often when he calls, we’ll all get together and go see Earl because we never know what’s on his mind.

This time wasn’t one of them.

Especially at 6 a.m.

Over a donut that may or may not still be in production. But the sign says different.

I just couldn’t handle Earl at this moment. And I needed to get rid of him and turn the phone on silent. So I did it quick.

“Whatever, dude.”


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  1. hahaa I am soo glad Earl made an appearance.

    Are there really red velvet donuts? (must make note of this) …
    Tami Von Zalez recently posted..Music – Day 16 topic of the 30M2D Writing ChallengeMy Profile

    • Earl definitely had to make an appearance. And, according to the Dunkin’ Donuts I was at last night, there are red velvet donuts. Or, at least they had a sign for them.

  2. Oh god, I recognise this, this is me and chocolate. I’ll see there’s a new flavour out, and I will not stop until I get it. I like to pretend it’s just a funny quirk instead of an unhealthy obsession. Oh denial, such a beautiful thing.

    Loved the post, P.J. :)
    Ziva recently posted..Whatever, DudeMy Profile

  3. Aw, poor Earl. I feel real sorry for him. In Canada, Tim Horton’s has a maple donut. Quintessentially, Canadian, right?
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 17: Whatever, DudeMy Profile

    • Tim Horton’s are sneaking further and further into the States. We have some near us now. Though I’ve never had the maple donut.

  4. I actually made chocolate-glazed donuts once. Completely ruined me for store-bought. Don’t tell Earl, though, okay? :-)
    Nicky recently posted..Internal DialogueMy Profile

  5. Aw, now all I can think about is donuts. Krispy Kreme has a maple iced glazed that rivals the chocolate.

    • I can try donuts when I go places, but when I hit up a KK, I only ever seem to be able to get glazed!

  6. *sigh* It’s 1am, and I want a donut. Actually, I want a red velvet donut. Damn you, Earl. Indigo
    Indigo Roth recently posted..And Would I Mind Awfully?My Profile

  7. AH HA HA and I was at Dunkin Donuts today!

    Tell Earl there is now a BROWNIE BATTER cupcake. Sigh.
    Katherine recently posted..Neiman Marcus? Whatever, Dude.My Profile

  8. Pat "the bro" /

    Nice pick up for Earl. For those who have not read all the Earl posts, you really need to. They are hilarious! Keep them coming, you know I love Earl.

  9. Moments after this conversation, I imagine Earl showing up on your front lawn and screaming into a megaphone telling you to wake up. Red velvet donuts are serious business.
    KZ recently posted..I Like to Be Here When I CanMy Profile

  10. I think we all have our own “Earl.”
    Boom Boom recently posted..Little Things (30M2DoW: Day 19)My Profile

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