30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Or else (15/28)

Seriously, I have nothing.

This challenge has been a whole heap of fun, but I’ve been trying and trying with this one and can’t think of anything. As far as themes and such go, I can usually adapt (note yesterday), but this one has be thrown for a loop.

I realize people might go into stories about the “or else,” but I can’t figure anything out.

So, instead, because this is usually Foto Friday, I’ve decided to try and make something humorous.

I’d say if you go into this place, you shouldn’t say much about it. Or else…

Don’t do it… or else.

The story behind this photo — I met up with my cousin to do some night photos around Atlantic City, NJ a few years ago. After doing some stuff near the casinos, she ordered a pizza to bring home, but we needed to waste some time. So she drove around a bit pointing a few things out. When I saw this place, I had her stop as I wanted to take photos.

It wasn’t in the greatest area of AC, but I figured if I quickly set up the tripod and snapped a few shots, I’d be OK. There weren’t many people around. My cousin wouldn’t get out of the car (who can blame her?), so I set up in front of her car and across the street from this place. I took a bunch of shots in about a three-minute span and quickly got in the car and took off.

Ahhh, the fun of trying to find sleazy photos in a city!

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18 thoughts on “30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Or else (15/28)”

  1. Funny, but if I didn’t read the signs, I wouldn’t have thought it was a strip joint. I’m sure you may have noticed during your forays into Montreal, all our strip clubs have giant pictures of half-naked women in front of them. And most of them have real half-naked women in front of them. But maybe you didn’t notice. 😉
    Nicky recently posted..Make It Home AgainMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah? Giant photos and half-naked women in front of them? Not sure I’ve ever seen that. But when I’m in Montreal, I’m usually in my hotel by 6-7 p.m. and reading a good book. :)

  2. I love it that your cousin refused to step out of the car. 😀 This is exactly the kind of thing I’d stop to take photos of, too. I’d feel horribly conspicuous standing there taking photos, but I’d still love it. 😉
    Ziva recently posted..Or ElseMy Profile

  3. If I saw somebody set up with a camera and a tripod pointed at a place like this, the first thought that would pop into my mind would be “private detective looking for incriminating evidence.”

    Nice photo, by the way. It’s much classier than that smutty blintz stuff from the day before.
    KZ recently posted..Winning Without Trying (Reposted)My Profile

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