30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: 15 Minutes (9/28)

Feb 09

My goal?

To have this blog post written and scheduled in 15 minutes. Or, if I can, quicker.


Because it falls on a Saturday. And I already run a blog post each and every Saturday. It’s from the family photo album, usually some old and crazy photo. The photo often gets some fun comments from other family members and it’s popular.

But, during Nicky’s challenge, it’s two posts each Saturday for the month of February.

This post took me 15 minutes… and 15 seconds.

Today’s theme? 15 minutes.

Who comes up with these things?

Half the time, I can’t remember what happened 15 minutes ago. I can’t figure why. It’s not like I’m as old as Dufus and 15 minutes is the normal time for forgetting things.

Hi Dufus!

I can’t read all of the blog entries for each day’s challenge in 15 minutes, because they are usually pretty entertaining. Heck, sometimes they are in a foreign language and I don’t know if the posts are good or if they are making fun of me.

If it’s Nicky, I assume I’m being made fun of, because that’s how she is.

I bet in 15 minutes I could eat a hamburger. There’s a sweet place, apparently, in Canada. That’s what Shawn says anyway. I don’t think I can get to Canada in 15 minutes, though. I bet the hamburger would be good. If I could get there in 15 minutes.

I definitely couldn’t get to Finland in 15 minutes. But Ziva is in Finland. And rumor has it she gives good Skype. I’ve never used Skype, so I don’t know how fulfilling it is. But maybe that 15 minutes would make it worth all the Skypes in the world? Who knows.

I guarantee I couldn’t come up with the intensive French list that Barb did, well at least not in 15 minutes!

You know one thing I can do in 15 minutes? Usually find a geocache. Especially easy ones. Cheesy Mike, who is Nicky’s blog partner, has wanted to geocache. So I try and coach him a little through e-mail. He has one across the street from his place. He can’t find it.

Across. The. Street.

Maybe I should find out who the owner is and maybe that person can put a piece of cheese near it. Would that help? I bet it’s found within 15 minutes!

Something tells me Cooter could get his rear whipped in 15 minutes.

A lot of things can happen in 15 minutes. I wanted to write about more people participating in this challenge, but I allotted myself only 15 minutes. I wonder if it takes longer than 15 minutes for LaughingMom to come up with all her Dear Abby, Dear Abby posts? Or if the person in Indigo’s crazy creeper post lasts more than 15 minutes after getting a text?

Hopefully there’s another prompt I can use to talk about some of the others in this challenge.

And, maybe, I’ll get more than 15 minutes to do it.

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  1. P.J. I am NEVER gonna get my 15 minute of fame if you list my name as Linda!

    I’m Barb 😉

    • Duly noted and fixed. Allow the 15 minutes of fame to begin! Sorry about that! (see what happens when you do a post in 15 minutes??) 😀

  2. Um, I was going to leave a comment but I’ve been staring at this white little square for 15 minutes and can”t remember what the hell I was gonna say.
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 9: 15 MinutesMy Profile

  3. Nice take on the prompt. I like how you gave fellow participants some extra recognition. Apparently there was some mix up earlier. 😉
    Linda recently posted..The no-so-15-Minute ShowerMy Profile

  4. Hey P.J.! Did I just get a name-check?! Thanks man! You can talk about me whenever you like. Indigo
    Indigo Roth recently posted..Ceramic And Stained GlassMy Profile

  5. Aw, that was great PJ! Thanks for giving everyone a shout out… and btw, I have no idea why you would think I’m making fun of you! :-)

  6. Oh P.J. if you only knew.. Give me 15 minutes and I could Skype your socks off. 😉

    I LOVE this post, it’s so funny, and a lovely thing to do. And I’m still laughing at CheesyMike not finding the geocache. Across. The. Street.

    • If I only had Skype…

      And I didn’t even say how long he has known about that geocache. Across. The. Street.

      (There are geocaches in Finland. If you haven’t, you should try it. Fun stuff. And I know there are a lot of postcards there, too. A. Lot.)

  7. What a fun premise for a post. I like the idea of challenging yourself to a specific time limit. Those shout outs were a fun read. I didn’t make it on the list this time around, but that’s just motivation for me to try and stand out even more for next time. :)
    KZ recently posted..John Mayer for MayorMy Profile

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to include everybody. Turns out 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time!

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