Snapshot Saturday: Feb. 9

Feb 09

(Note: I am participating in a month-long blog challenge, so there will be two posts today. My normal Snapshot Saturday will be up first, with the challenge post scheduled to run in the afternoon sometime). 

Another blast from the past!

Oh, looking back in Philly back in the day. Oh the memories.

A recent trip to Philly landed me many new photos. They are being scanned in. This is from that set.

Father and … which daughter?


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  1. Oh, she was adorable, and she still is.

  2. Denise /

    Haha. That is mom right? Only way you can tell is Kristen looks like her

  3. That sure is mom.

  4. Great pic. Pop pop was quite a good looking man. Mom did you guys always live in the same house ??

  5. Looks a bit like Chris actually.

  6. Pat "the Bro" /

    It had to be Aunt Joanne, the date gives it away.

  7. Denise /

    Yeah I saw the date after the post! Joe they lived all over.

  8. I did e-mail Joe, but this was when we lived on the other side of Leonard St.

  9. I just told Brett that at one point Nan moved across the same street! Hahaha

  10. Yep, that’s me and my dad…now you can see where the high forehead on a few men in the family comes from. The last house on the left across the street is actually the house we lived in for quite a long time.

  11. Roseann /

    Yes that is Joanne and my dad. My father was handsome and where the hight foreheads come from. Joanne is still as cute.

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