30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Haven (6/28)

Feb 06

Several years back, I was looking to go to college.

I had graduated from a local two-year school a few years before and had a decent job, one which paid OK but had no benefits and no guarantees from week to week. I figured it was time to start looking to go back to school as a “non-traditional” student.

I ended up selecting a state school in central Pennsylvania — Lock Haven University, or as it was affectionately known, The Haven.

In a life full of ups and downs, it was the place where I truly grew and where I really found myself. Not that everything after college has worked out perfectly, but it was a great place to attend college.

For a Pathtag mascot club, I created one of my alma mater.

The classes were good, the teachers — for the most part — were really good, and I enjoyed the area. I won’t lie, though. I haven’t kept in touch with more than a few people I went to college with. Though I got along with a lot of people there, I didn’t really look to make the “lifelong” friends that others did. I basically wanted the experience of college and know that I could keep in contact with a few people when I left.

Once I got over the first few weeks, I embraced the college.

I received a solid education, had some really good experiences and met a lot of good people. I enjoyed “dorm” life, despite being a couple of years older than others in the dorm. I liked classes and realized how much I enjoyed education. The layout of the area was nice and even “The Stairway to Haven,” the monster set of steps heading up to the dorms, was OK by me.

For the first semester, I didn’t truly like it. Maybe it was being stuck in Pennsyltucky. Maybe it was just the odd vibe of everything. But it took me a good semester to find my feel of the Haven.

The odd part of Lock Haven was, despite it being a decent-sized campus, it was basically a commuter school. I don’t mean a true commuter school, but a weekday one. The dorms were quite quiet and empty on the weekends. I learned how nice that could be. Only a few people stayed on campus, so it was nice to be able to chill out and do whatever without so many people being around.

I did find it funny, though, that RDs seemed to be a little more hard-ass on the weekends in regard to the rules. Made no sense to me.

During the course of the three years I was at Lock Haven, I truly felt I grew as a person. I enjoyed the college experience and never looked back with any regrets. Well, outside of choosing an out-of-state school, which made it way more expensive. I do wish I had done a few more things — such as looked into studying abroad for a semester. Alas, there’s not much to be done about that now.

Since graduating, I’ve looked back at Lock Haven quite fondly. I’ve applied for a few jobs there (no luck, unfortunately) and have kept tabs on as much as I can. One year, I was taking part in a mascot club with Pathtags (used in geocaching). I made one of Lock Haven and it’s one of the best pathtags I’ve ever created.

My time at the Haven was one I’ll always remember. It’s how I always wanted college to be and I’m glad my experience came there.

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  1. So Lock Haven was your safe haven for three years. Congratulations on a great experience.
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 6: HavenMy Profile

  2. I loved university… The drinking, the partying, the experimenting (Nicky, call me)… Oh, and the learning, of course. Totally.
    Ziva recently posted..HavenMy Profile

  3. It sounds like the Haven was a great learning and growing experience.
    Linda recently posted..Raven HavenMy Profile

  4. I used to loathe school but by university I loved it. It wasn’t called Haven but it was one in a lot of ways.
    mike recently posted..Not That Kind Of AsylumMy Profile

  5. I envy you such an experience. Those are very special years. I wish I’d taken better advantage of mine.

    • As much as I loved the years, I wish I had taken advantage of more things there. I don’t regret, but there are things I could have done that could have made it even more fun and probably helped me more for the future.

  6. Hey P.J.! Your experiences echo my own, and I smiled and nodded all the way through this. Thanks, Indigo
    Indigo Roth recently posted..She Always KnowsMy Profile

  7. College. The best 7 years of my life. :-) I joke, of course, but young people need to remember that college isn’t a means to an end, but an experience they won’t usually get again in their lifetime.

    I think my own three kids get that. I wish other people would.
    Paul Myers recently posted..All over but the shoutingMy Profile

    • I think too many kids worry about the partying aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I was older than 21, so I threw back a few cordials, but there was so much more to be experienced. I just hope kids realize that when they head off to college.

  8. College times can be a great experience- I’m glad that you can look back on yurs in a positive manner.
    Laughingmom recently posted..30 Days of Writing Minus 2 – HavenMy Profile

    • I am glad, too. I hate looking back to high school, so glad I have some part of my education I can look back with fondness!

  9. Heh. I enjoyed my college years too. I think. At least, that’s what people tell me. :-)
    Nicky recently posted..Not That Kind Of AsylumMy Profile

  10. I love the background… the story… and geocaching!
    Katherine recently posted..Spayshull HavenMy Profile

    • Thanks. And I wish I had known about geocaching when in college. Would have made it more fun!

  11. Two bits, four bits,
    Six bits, a dollar,
    All for the bald eagles,
    stand up and holler!

    Go Haven!
    Malisa recently posted..If You Want to Go to Haven…My Profile

  12. I never went to college. One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

    Yes, I’m still on my “pity me” crusade.
    Mariann Simms recently posted..I Put My Heart Into This One…I Really DidMy Profile

    • I almost didn’t. I’m glad I did do it in the long run. I actually would like to go back, but need to figure out how to afford it!
      P.J. recently posted..Train comingMy Profile

  13. You really lucked out with that college name. It totally came in handy today.

    Personally, I don’t look back quite so fondly on my college days. It was one of those life experiences that I was happy to see come to a close. It’s awesome that you enjoyed your time, though.
    KZ recently posted..Some Grand Revelation (Conversation with God Continued)My Profile

    • Who knew all those years ago the name of the college would eventually work for a blog challenge, eh? :)

      Your college experience sounds a lot like my high school experience.

  14. College was a haven for many of us!
    Boom Boom recently posted..Catch-Up Day (30M2DoW: Days 7-10)My Profile

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