30 Minus 2 Days of Writing: Hold on (2/28)

Feb 02

Saturday’s are tough when doing a writing challenge because it’s always my “Snapshot Saturday” feature. So as with the last time I did a writing challenge like this, I’ll be doing Snapshot Saturday in the morning and then adding the challenge post sometime in the mid-t0-late afternoon.

Today’s theme is hold on.

I had some grandeur thought about blogging about going to an amusement park and having a friend talk me into going on just about every roller coaster.

Talk about holding on!

Then I thought about getting deep and talking about life and how it’s the wildest ride any of us will take and that is often requires holding on.

Or for those of you who have kids and how you should hold them at any chance you get.

Maybe I was going to post about having one of the most amazing craft beers you’ve ever had and how you should hold on to it to really savor everything that is amazing about it.

No, there was no chance I was blogging about holding cheese.

In the end, I figure the best way to do this is post this —

Hold on for one more day. Things will go your way.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, I went there.

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  1. Sad. Very sad.
    nonamedufus recently posted..30DW2-2 – Day 2: Hold OnMy Profile

  2. You know, I really wish you’d gotten all deep and talked about life instead of making us watch that video. 😉
    Ziva recently posted..Hold OnMy Profile

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be enough deep and life posts during this challenge. 😉

  3. “Or for those of you who have kids and how you should hold them at any chance you get.”

    That reminds me of what I wrote today… you and I are on the same track – that is why I like you so much!
    Katherine recently posted..Hold On!My Profile

  4. Okay, this is the third blog that shows this song/video. I’ve never heard it and I don’t intend to now…dammit.

    I’m holding on to my willpower to NOT play this video. :)
    Mariann Simms recently posted..Hold on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!My Profile

  5. What a terrible video. I can’t believe we posted it. :)
    Shawn recently posted..And The Next Thing I KnewMy Profile

  6. You’ve summed up my life as a blogger right here. You have so many topics that seem promising at first, but actually writing about them just doesn’t seem very interesting to you. Wilson Phillips indeed. You’re not the only one who went there for this topic.

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