Geocaching can be a way to forget about life for a while

Jan 30

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about geocaching.

And that’s probably because I haven’t been doing it much. With all the other things going on in life, I haven’t really been out finding things. Part has been the weather — I’ve definitely turned into more of a fair-weather geocacher — and it’s also part because there’s not much locally I haven’t found. It makes no sense to waste gas money to travel 40 or more miles to get a micro.

Caching in the winter can make for some interesting ways to make a find.

So, I try and budget time for a few caches whenever I go somewhere.

As long as all goes well, that will change this weekend. Me and a few friends are going to do an old-fashioned geocaching day. It will include 20 or so caches (as long as all goes well) and an event. We’ll leave early enough to cache before the event and leave with time to hit a few more on the way home and make a fun day of catching up and caching.

I miss days like that, so hopefully it will be good to do.

The reality is, my mind has been pretty much wondering about employment. That’s why I try and mix things up, whether it be blogging, caching, the new homebrewing obsession, photography or something else. The mind needs to wander. Life isn’t grand right now, that’s for sure. But as long as I can keep my sanity, I’ll hopefully get through all of this.

Geocaching is one of those activities that help make you forget about life for a while. You get out, get a little exercise, enjoy nature and find some plastic boxes in the woods, or whatever else has been hidden.

The event is one I’ve wanted to attempt for a couple of years. In its third year, it’s held on a frozen lake. They fish, they grill, they play croquet (hell yeah!) It’s also a chance to get outside, breathe some fresh air and enjoy life a little.

Saturday’s weather forecast seems perfect for this — 27 degrees and partly cloudy. I just hope the crazy weather we’ve had yesterday and today won’t mess it up. It’s been rainy and today could reach the 50s.

We did have two weeks of frigid temperatures, so hopefully the ice is thick enough to withstand this unseasonably warm wave. It would stink to not be able to actually go out on the ice! Tomorrow is supposed to start the decline in temperatures with a high around 40 and it keeps dipping to 26 (with a few snow showers) on Friday and then 27 on Saturday.

I am ready to get out and find some caches!

There will be the caches, too. Though several are park-and-grabs, there are a few of bigger sizes, which is nice. I even did the planning the way I used to — somewhat in-depth, to hopefully help us grab a whole heap of caches.

There might not be a ton of snow still, but there will likely be enough to make it feel like caching in the winter. Snow poses its own set of difficulties when caching, especially when caches are low to the ground!

But, it’s nice to get out in the winter, too. There should be photo opportunities this weekend and it will be fun to catch up with a few others I haven’t hung out with in a while.

And we’ll get some smileys to boot.

Everybody needs a way to get away and escape reality. Hopefully this weekend will allow me to do so.

Now to figure out where the heck I put my GPS so I can load it and be ready!

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  1. have a great time at the weekend – I miss “proper” geocaching days too
    Sarah (Flo) recently posted..Artful Readers Club January – Heartstone by C. J. SansomMy Profile

  2. Argh. I am still not putting enough time into this AND I haven’t found the cache across the street. Clearly, if I don’t practice I will continue to suck at this.
    mike recently posted..In The InterimMy Profile

    • OK, this is seriously one of the reasons I need to get the travel money to get to Montreal again. Of course, beer and poutine via Nicky is important, but I must show you the ease of this game! Go find that cache!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend of caching. I’m planning a cache run on Saturday as well, driving all the way around the mountains north of me. Groundhog event in the morning, then off to find virtual flags and several puzzle and challenge caches. I’ll also hide a cache as well.

    Have fun. BTW – if you’re interested, I have a personal travel bug that goes with me every where I cache.

    And I plan to reciprocate if I ever get to New York, I’ll have to look you up and we’ll go on a good photo walk and cache hunt.
    Paul Myers recently posted..Street PhotographyMy Profile

  4. I really miss getting in a day of real geocaching. Now it’s really spent trying to entertain my son if we haven’t found it in 15 minutes. I’m hoping this spring and his newly found attention span will help with that.
    And I think letting him get a travel bug or coin out there would be fun too.
    As for me, I’m totally looking for multi-caches now. If I get a day to go out (with no kids) that’s what I’m hitting!
    Jonna recently posted..My Terrific Kid Is Terrific and That’s TerrificMy Profile

    • Hopefully the attention span will help and you can get out with your son to find some treasure!

      I love the multi-caches, too. But there’s not a lot out there near me to do. I like good multis, but it seems some I’ve found now are basically a multi for the sake of a multi.

  5. ON the ice?! eek. not sure if I could do that!
    ErikaJean recently posted..Dual Holiday TowelMy Profile

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