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It’s definitely time for another edition of Really? I don’t have many items for this post, but I have a few that I would like to share.

Let’s start off in New Zealand.

That’s where a fellow named Gareth Morgan wants to get rid of cats. See, according to this story on Boing Boing, apparently cats threaten some native birds. So he launched a website, you know to warn people of the war cats seem to be waging on his winged friends.


It appears like our feline friends have helped bring to extinction nine species of birds native to New Zealand. Another 37 percent are endangered. Which, of course, means cats are on the prowl, right?

According to this guy, people need to look in the mirror. If you own a cat, you’re helping this all happen.

Damn Mother Nature, the food chain and Darwin.

On the website, Morgan tells some fun things — and he points out that your cat isn’t innocent!

Like the parent of a bully saying that their little Johnny would not behave like that, if you’re a cat owner reading this, you are probably thinking that the above statistics don’t apply to your cat. The fact is that your furry friend is actually a friendly neighbourhood serial killer.

Statements like “My cat only brings me gifts and they are mice and rats. He never gets the natives” or “My cat is well fed and has no need to hunt” are just huge misconceptions. The fact is that your cat is not innocent and here are some stats to back that up.


And, it would appear, that if there were no cats, you could be saving endangered species, such as the cheeky kaka, beautiful kokako and curious weka.

For real!

Now, note this — Morgan isn’t calling for people to take an ax to their felines. Instead, it’s more of a when your cat goes, don’t replace it.

Talk about nuts!

Alas, I must leave you with this topic on this fine piece from Morgan’s FAQs:

The question is posed — Don’t cats help control rats and mice? And the response from Morgan?

Yes they do, and rats and mice are also a threat to birds. But the fact is that we need to get rid of cats and rats if we are to achieve our vision of a pest free New Zealand. We are controlling the rats in some areas and in these areas it seems the cats switch to killing birds.

The fact is that we don’t need cats to control rats any more – we have traps. In cities cats alone are killing native birds faster than they can breed – never mind the rats. We need to control cats and rats together.

Coming soon to you — a ban on rats!

This is all just proof that there are nuts all over the world — they are not indigenous to any one certain country!


Time to turn serious for a couple more segments of Really? Both of these blow my mind when it comes to youth and the culture in which they live and seem to think is normal.

Train dodging.

I recently saw this video and my words won’t do it justice, so give it a look:

“And it’s stupid!”

Agreed there.

Who in their right mind would do this?

I realize kids seem to want adrenaline rushes, but why would anyone think trying to take on a train is a smart thing to do?

When I was a kid, doing something like this never would have crossed my mind. Besides being able to kill you, it puts in jeopardy everybody on that train. Absolutely unreal.

Kids really need to get a grip.


Speaking of grip, this next one is really sad.

And it makes me wonder what in the name of holy hell is going on in this world. When did it become cool to find anything in the world to get you high?

A 12-year-old girl in California died recently by getting high via an air conditioning unit.


It seems this is part of a bigger thing called huffing or bagging. People put a bag over the air conditioner and breathe in the freon vapors from the bag.

Wait … what?

Apparently this youngster did it and was found unconscious by her grandmother. This girl — A SEVENTH GRADER — was rushed to a hospital but it was too late — she was declared brain dead. Four days later, she was taken off life support.

Let me reiterate this — 12 YEARS OLD.

When I was 12, I was out playing baseball. Or riding a bike. Or playing some video games (yes, we did have the Atari back then!) We created some mischief for sure, but this?

I’m truly speechless when it comes to this whole situation.

Freon? Really?

If you want to learn more about how much of an epidemic this is becoming (and not just with air conditioners), visit The statistics are insane.


I’m going to end this edition of Really? with something that actually made me smile.

I would think most of us try to avoid going to jail. Not so for 71-year-old Obie Cargile. It seems he chose a three-day stay in the clink over paying a $160 fine for an improper brake light.


Well, getting locked up apparently was on his bucket list, according to a report on This gentleman is a retired school teacher, and also served as a Marine. So, it’s safe to say he’s pretty upstanding. No record, either, apparently.

That dang brake light, though.

Cargile pleaded guilty and refused to pay the fine of $160 and a $105 court fee. The court fee was waived but the judge wouldn’t drop the fine. So, Carlgile took the three days jail time instead. Not only that, but because of spacing issues, he was placed in a maximum security prison for those three days!

No worries.

Cargile told the reporter that it was an easy stay and didn’t “hold a candle Corps boot camp.”

Even better what he told reporters?

“It was a picnic,” he said. “An unadulterated picnic.”

Now that’s downright awesome. But … really?

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  1. That last one is pretty cute. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

    Those kids should be paddled like they do in Singapore. That train business is so deadly and maybe not just for the kids.

    Cats are serial killers. And they do it for the thrill. I thought my cat was choking so I grabbed him and shook him until he opened his mouth. He had been holding a big black spider in there who ran away as soon as he got released. Yuck! Gotta love ’em! Cats, I mean, not big black spiders! Hah!
    Linda Medrano recently posted..The Bane Of My LifeMy Profile

    • I can’t figure that train thing out. No reason why anyone should do that. And how that is a thrill, I’ll never know.

  2. I’ve got one for you… About a year or so ago, hubby had to get a spinal injection for his herniated disk. Afterwards you have to wait while they monitor you before you can leave…about a half hour. As I went into to pick him up an elderly couple was leaving…when I say elderly I mean at least in their late 80’s. hubby asked if I had noticed them and I said yes. He said “they are my heros, the husband asked the nurse before they left, how long they had to wait before they could have sex again” He said the nurse was so flustered she told them to give it 24 hrs. Before they resumed normal activities. The couple was dead serious!!!!!! :)
    Here’s to hoping that this is what we have to look forward to when we’re that old! :))))))

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