Smooches and Stompeez

Jan 14

Sometimes, I wonder why I receive certain e-mails.

I realize that many are spam and or something like that. But a few months ago, I received two e-mails from the same person. I didn’t respond, figuring it was like a wrong phone number or something.

The first one came on September 17:

Please email me either on this one or the home one.  Dad and I are leaving for Jacksonville, FL tomorrow and I can’t check the work one I emaled you on today.  We will be back next Monday the 24th.  Love Mom

The second one came the following day:

We will enjoy using the Duffy’s coupon.  Did you get my attachment for the race groupon?  I hope you two can use them.  Love, D

Now, this one had a second e-mail it was sent to. So, I figured my e-mail address was close to what somebody else had, so an honest mistake. As much as I wanted to respond and make it funny, I decided not to.

I let it go.

Then our friend returned. It’s 2013, you know.

I received this e-mail Friday:

Please let Ryan know I haven’t forgotten about him.  I have finally called customer service and  boxed up his Stompeez which they will replace with the larger size.  I’m sorry it took me so long.  Love and Smooches, Mom

Oh, now you are crazy … mother of whoever this person is. I could be the good person and shoot an e-mail back figuring this has to be a wrong e-mail address thing, right? Right??

Still, I had to respond this time.

The Stompeez sound awesome. Lots of love on those. And smooches, too.

(For the record, I needed to Google what the hell Stompeez were. I had no idea). 

I thought that would be the end of it. After all, if I got an e-mail back like that, I’d look at the e-mail address and realize I made a mistake, laugh a little and move along.

Not this mom. Oh no.

Instead, I get the following response.

Was this your response Kevin?

OK, seriously. Though I did remove my signature in my e-mail in my main response, my name still would have been in the e-mail.

So, I responded. Again.

In which response do you mean, Smooches? I’m looking forward to the Stompeez. They, too, will get smooches. And love. They will definitely get love. But more smooches. Then love.

This time, my e-mail signature is at the bottom of the e-mail. If I get another response, I’m truly going to wonder if people look at everything.

If not, I hope they got a chuckle out of this as I did. After all, getting chuckles is a good thing.

So is love.

And smooches. My goodness, smooches are a good thing.

And Stompeez.

But mostly smooches. For the love of God, smooches.

Smooches to all.

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