Geo-challenge unleashed

Oct 01

This is a geo-challenge. For those I’m laying it down for, just post a comment to accept or not. If not, we know you are yellow!

Geocaching has a strong community, as well as cachers who blog. There are a bunch I read, but only a true handful I read on a regular basis. This challenge is for them.

So I’m calling you out… on my blog. It’s time to see if you have the nerve, the want, the desire to accept a geo-challenge.

Do you?

Hick @ Heart? Yeah, yeah, yeah, work/travel… whatever. Travel bug challenge.

How about you Gunny John? No, don’t hide behind that Ocean just because you are serving in Japan right now. You know you can still do it.

Kiss my cache? Ha! I’ll show you the cache to kiss! Drop the bug in one and accept this challenge!

Tonka_boy? Norm? I know you’re probably already under 37 1/2 feet of snow in Minnesota, but dig out!

How about our Canadian pals up at Geocaching Online? How’s it going, eh? I play hockey too! By slapping a travel bug to distances unknown!

OK, enough trash talking… what’s the challenge?

This is simple. I’m sure IF any of these cachers accept the challenge, some rules will be tweaked before the final date to start is finalized. After all, I’m all about equal opportunity talking.

Oh and if any of them accept, I’ll be introducing them on this blog before it all starts.

Here’s the deal:

This one is simple. You are releasing a trackable (at item that will travel the world over the next year. The idea is to rack up the most miles possible in regard to the other participants.

The trackable can be anything – which makes this more interesting. It can be small, big – anything.

The only thing is that it has to be attached to an official Groundspeak Travel Bug — that way, we are all using the same travel bug and not a coin or something like that.
Doesn’t matter what it is attached to, just as long as you activate it the DAY that it is supposed to be released and put into another cache to release it to the world.

Here are the current (in-progress) rules:

  1. The trackable item must be trackable on AND be attached to something else. It can’t be released by itself.
  2. You must release the item somewhere near your home coordinates.
  3. A photo of the bug should be on the cache page.

I’m sure we’ll add more as soon as I find out if these people will accept… or if they’re yellow.

So respond here. Accept or decline. But realize ridicule will come either way.

More later!


  1. I ACCEPT!
    Just name the date and we’ll see who will be kissin’ whose cache! 😉

  2. A challenge you say? I spit in your general direction. I’m in. I might have a TB dog tag laying around, I’ll have to check. Otherwise I’ll get one on order. Will there be a category for fewest miles traveled. I’ve got that one locked up!

  3. A challenge, eh? Huh! If ya TB race like ya play hockey we already have it in the bag! That is unless you plan on stealing the Great one from us… oh yeah, you already did!

    Sure, we accept. Bring it on. This will be soooooo easy…

    Remember, our distance is in kilometers so already we’re ahead! LOL!

  4. Ahhh, three of you have indeed accepted the challenge that you will likely lose … and lose hard.

    I await the other two “losers” so we can hash out the final details and get this one under way. Good times had by all!

  5. Challenge accepted. What? No pistols at dawn? I feel cheated!

    I’ll let you know when my TBs get here. My last comment seems to be MIA.

  6. I have my TB dog tags in my posession. Now to choose a hitchhiker. Hmmmmmmm. Are we doing any themes or is it a free for all?

    Still no word from the old man.

  7. Oh I so want to be in on this… Any more room for another racer?

    I don’t want all you fine west coast people to have all the fun.. The trick will be how airodynamic I can get my TB radar gun to be. Bring it on.


  8. Trash, trash, trashy, trash…. My bug will clean this up! HA!
    What, where, and when…

  9. Darn, I missed the start of the race. Care for another blogger’s participation?


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