Oh joy, it’s New Year’s Eve

Dec 31

First Night from 2007 when the event had so much more to offer than in recent years.

No lie — I can’t stand New Year’s Eve.

I’ve never been much of a fan of this night. And, more often than not, I end up spending the night by myself or with a few others and I’m usually home soon after midnight.

As I’ve grown older, I’m not much of a boozer and don’t really like being around a bunch of intoxicated people. More than that, I don’t like being on the road knowing there’s a good chance somebody out there will be driving drunk.

Moody McCarthy, a highly entertaining comedian, performs at First Night 2007.

I’ve done the First Night thing a few times and it’s OK.

Most people I hang out with on a regular basis have things going on with significant others or whoever else. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t usually ask more than a few people what they are doing because the end answer is usually something that doesn’t make the night any better.

This year, I’ll be hitting up the local First Night event.

It’s usually pretty decent. The only thing I dislike is that it’s over by 10:30. Fireworks are at 10:15 and then it’s over. Just like that.

What’s the point?

First Night events I’ve seen elsewhere go until midnight as it’s supposed to be a way for people to have an alcohol-free way to ring in the new year.

The new year doesn’t start at 10:30.

This was called something like the fire of regret. It burned at midnight and was supposed to be a way for you to put the year behind you and move forward. At the 2007 First Night.

That gives people a chance to get to bars or parties and that seems to defeat the purpose. If I felt like driving, I’d head to Saratoga or Syracuse as the events there look way more in-depth and go until midnight. Please note, I also realize those places have more money to the event than the one I am heading to — so I get that it can’t be as big. But it could still go until midnight.

I guess the one bonus is that means I can get back home before midnight and give myself the opportunity to watch the ball drop on television or walk down to the local pub for a pint of Guinness.

I will look forward to some of this First Night event because there are some musical acts I am looking forward to. And, I’ll bring the camera along to get some images throughout the night. Plus, I always like to take photos of fireworks! I’ll have to see where they are shooting from and see if I can get a cool spot from which to shoot. Maybe over the pond in the one park, though I’ve never been too successful with fireworks shots like that.

Looking at the schedule, though, it seems like it’s basically kids things or musical acts. I realize it costs money to pull this event off, but I think of my first local First Night in 2007.

We saw a comedian, several musical acts, some variety acts, fireworks and more. It was diverse. More spots were used. It gave people a lot to choose from. But the area lost First Night for a few years and it’s returned. But it needs to grow and it doesn’t seem to get better each year, rather stay the same.

Fireworks from the 2010 First Night event.

In the end, it’s First Night or sitting at home all night tweeting/job hunting/watching TV and realizing I need to find a job in an area more populated with more options.

Though, to be fair in that regard, larger areas mean more people drinking, too.

In the end, I’ll make the most of it. I like some of the acts and there are a couple of others I want to check out. Alas, it’s not as diverse as in the past and I don’t know what some things are because there are no descriptions on the website.

But it’s better than staying home.

To everyone who loves and enjoys this night, Happy New Year! And here’s to hoping 2013 is much better than 2012.

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  1. Happy New Year P.J.! Hope 2013 is good to you :-)
    Nicky recently posted..Snow, Glorious SnowMy Profile

  2. First Night actually sounds like a pretty good idea, but pretty weird that it wrapped up so early. Like you said, defeats the purpose. I ended up downtown watching fireworks which was actually not bad. I expected throngs of drunks and it was actually pretty well behaved considering the thousands of people that turned out. Happy New Year, P.J.
    Mike recently posted..Snow, Glorious SnowMy Profile

    • In 2007, I was so happy to have gone to First Night. It just hasn’t been over the top. This year, I paid $15 and I can say it wasn’t worth it — not at all. Maybe next year. We’ll see.

      A few of us were in Montreal several years ago for New Year’s. I loved it, despite battling a stomach bug. Maybe I’ll plan that for New Year’s. Perhaps some cheese and poutine?

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