Snapshot Saturday: Dec. 29

Dec 29

Another blast from the past!

And so the final Snapshot Saturday of 2012 will be the last holiday photo for this year as well.

Though this photo is a bit blurry, it was too good not to use. It’s my brothers and my mother. The photo shows 1970 on it, so they were still in Philly at the time.

Ahhh, the joy of past Christmas celebrations!

Happy boys!


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  1. yes i am going to guess i was 5 and pat was 4 so that would make it 1970…. you got some of the old mans investigation genes huh….
    oh to have those days back huh…..

  2. Aunt Emily was a blonde?

  3. Emily /

    At any given time, Aunt Emily had all different colors of hair.

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