Snapshot Saturday: Dec. 1

Dec 01

Another blast from the past!

It’s December!

And that, of course, means we’re into the holiday season. With that comes digging and finding some holiday/winter images. Throughout this month, I’ll be posting these types of photos for Snapshot Saturday.

Unfortunately for them, that probably means my brothers will be seeing themselves up here several of those weekends.

Such as this one!

Snowy and all bundled up!


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  1. Thats when we got real snow… when we walked to school uphill both ways…. oh wait that was my dad….

  2. Pat "the Bro" /

    Those are hockey sticks by the way!

  3. that picture has to be taken about 1974 or so at the latest….

  4. Do you remember when Bill Cash’s house didn’t have the porch enclosed? You are probably right about the date of the picture.

  5. Joanne /

    Wow, that is a lot of snow…nice to look at!!!

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