Fun and Games: Geocaching crossword puzzle

Nov 29

OK, I’m going to try and have some fun features here on occasion.

Namely games.

I’m not sure how many of you are into crossword puzzles or word searches. But I am going to have them here every once in a while. It might be every week. It might be every two. Who knows. But I will be putting them up here.

This first one is a geocaching crossword puzzle.



Puzzle No. 1

  • Type: Crossword Puzzle
  • Subject: Geocaching
  • Level of difficulty: Easy

Note: Because of the layout of my blog, this is a small version of the crossword puzzle. Considering you’ll have to print it out, anyway, you can get a large version by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed the puzzle. Look for more in the future.

If you need the answers for this one, click here.

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