Issues in blogging: The eternal fight to find good ideas

Nov 28

I can’t lie about this.

Despite having a notebook with a bunch of ideas to blog about, sometimes things don’t flow. Maybe I’m not in a writing mood or it just doesn’t seem to work that day, but there are times I can stare and nothing comes to mind.

Many of the ideas I have written down are more for the future — when I am employed again and have the ability to do some different things. Right now, many of these ideas are just that — ideas.

When that happens, sometimes I turn to Google in the hopes of finding some magical ideas to fill the blog.

That’s when things get interesting.

See, if you aren’t a blogger — or even if you are and have never searched for things like this — you might not realize how many blogs are out there to help you blog.


Doing a quick Google search for “blog ideas” came up with the following places for me to visit:

  • 50 Blogging Ideas to Steal and Take Credit For
  • 25 Blog Ideas That Will Rock Your Readers World!
  • 20 Ideas for Writing a Blog Post
  • 81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters
  • 365 Blog Topics and Journaling Ideas: FREE eBook!


The best may be when you look through some of these ideas. Ya know, the things you should be blogging about could be any of the following:

  • Lists (after all, people apparently love lists!)
  • How-to posts
  • Reviews
  • Current events
  • Tips
  • Photos

I’m not kidding here, people. There are blogs out there telling bloggers to do these things. In other words, pretty much do what every blogger has done since blogs began. I already do a lot of these things. How does that help?

Digging a bit more on some of these blogs can give some decent tips, though. Items such as carrying a notebook (which I would personally encourage every writer to do — if the idea comes, jot it down) are good pieces of advice, but it doesn’t help with the issue at hand.

See, writer’s get blocked on occasion. It happens. So I’m usually trying to find a way out of said blocks. I don’t want to be told to write a how-to post. I want to find something to give me some inspiration.

Many of these “blog idea” sites also try and sell eBooks or some other thing to prove how great they are. I once purchased an eBook that was written by a blog I frequented. I did it more of as support than anything else, but the idea of it was to help you grow your blog and get more visitors.

That didn’t happen.

Alas, for the $2 or so I spend on the book, I came away with three very important things I use quite often, so it was money well spent. And it only took me a night to read the book.

In the end, personal blogs are often the toughest to do. I know I don’t need to publish something every day, but I like to do so. Even if it’s something silly or whatever. Why? Just because. But by doing so, it sometimes slows things down in regard to the blogging process.

That’s when you get posts like this!

It still amuses me, however, that sometimes people need these sites. If they had some great ideas or something to get the juices flowing, I’d be all about them, too. But it’s basic stuff that any blogger — personal or professional — already knows.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m kicking along here. And I need to get some of these ideas flowing. So hopefully a post like this will allow me to get some creative juices flowing a bit more.

If not, I might have to turn this blog into a how-to list on how to blog.

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