Snapshot Saturday: Nov. 24

Nov 24

Another blast from the past!

I know not all relatives see this weekly feature. And that’s a shame, to be honest. After all, this is a flashback to the past (though, on occasion, it’s not family, but old photos of friends).

Some family members are regulars, though. And I always like to make sure to show them the love.

I know this one checks out the blog. So I figured she’d enjoy seeing her smiley mug up this week!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!


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  1. I check this every Saturday!! It brightens my weekend!! Hahaha.

  2. And to think, that little lady is the mother of 3 boys now. My how time flies.

  3. Wow. That was a Long long long time ago.

  4. Pat "the Bro" /

    Well 4 if you count the hubby!

  5. Aw she used to be cute!

  6. Btw– always count the hubby! I have 4 kids

  7. Roseann /

    She was cute then and still is. Love you Denise

  8. Aww, Denise… she was such a cutie and still has that great smile.

  9. Wow you all made me blush!!

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