Foto Friday: And … it’s over

Nov 09

Master Locks may be invincible, but my Project 366 wasn’t, unfortunately.

I’ve been putting this off for as long as I can.

I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want it to be over. But it is. And there’s not much I can do about it.

My Project 366 went by way of the garbage.

When I did the Project 365 in 2010, I struggled. Many times. But every day, by hook or by crook, I took a photo. Sometimes it wasn’t good. Sometimes it was awesome. But every day … a photo.

At the end of the project, I swore I would never do it again. It was one of those things I was happy I did, but I knew there were too many times where I dreaded worrying about a photo. I live in a rural area, so I can only take so many shots of flowers, trees and mountains before I get bored.

With this year being a leap year, I thought I’d try it again. Why the heck not?

Yeah, now I remember why I said I wouldn’t do it again!

The first part of the year was awesome. I was all over it and really getting some good stuff. Then I started hitting a wall. See, this job search thing takes up a lot of time. There were times I just didn’t feel like snapping a photo. But I pushed through it. However, this was earlier than the first time around. I knew doing it this year was in jeopardy.

After 225-plus days, the sun set on this attempt at the 366 Project.

I struggled through the summer months — where the nights are longer and there’s more chances to get images. I got through August. And into September. And then it stopped.

The reality set in that despite being only 100-plus days shy of completing this project, it was over.

It’s not like I am happy about it. I truly was hoping to do it this time around. Alas, I knew a month or two I wasn’t going to make it. When I was struggling with half the year to go, I knew it was over. I kept battling as much as I could, but when reality takes over, it’s only a matter of time.

Still, to say I am fully disappointed would be a false answer.

I took a lot of cool photos this year that I wouldn’t have without this challenge. When I was pepped up in the early going, I was really challenging myself. For that, I’m happy. I have very cool images from this year because of the challenge.

In the end, I guess I held true to my original statement after the 2010 challenge — I’ll never do it again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try it again one time in the future when I’m in a better place, personally and professionally. Maybe I’ll have that drive to do it again.

Or maybe not.

With all that being said, I’m glad I gave it a try again. It just wasn’t meant to be.

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  1. you did better than me, I gave up mid-August :/
    Sarah recently posted..It’s postcard swapping time againMy Profile

  2. I couldn’t do it. I tried. 2 months in and I was done. I feel that way about anything, when I feel forced into it then it takes away the fun. Like blogging. I’ve taken a HUGE step back from blogging because I feel like if I’m scheduling posts and posting about random crap that I don’t care that much about, just to fill the page… I don’t want to do it.
    Jonna recently posted..Stealin’ yo phone!My Profile

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