Snapshot Saturday: Nov. 3

Nov 03

Another blast from the past!

I always wonder if life mimics television and vice versa.

Sometimes, when I look at photos for this weekly feature, I get thinking about TV shows. For months, I’ve been looking at these photos. All four of ’em, all their 1977 school photos. I didn’t want to do post them at different times. It screamed to be done together.

Remember the Growing Pains theme and opening. Where they put all the old photos of each cast member? Yeah, that’s how I pictured this one.

Growing Pains? Indeed.

 In case you wanted to stare at this longer and hear the tune, click here.

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  1. Pat "the Bro" /

    I’m still trying to figure out last weeks picture guests.

  2. Joanne /

    LOving the hair…the boys don’t have a much today but the girls do!!

  3. Denise /

    Hahaha. Good photo

  4. Pat "the Bro" /

    Wow, busting on the hair! I like to blame those who came before me for my lack of hair.

  5. Joe Harmer /

    Hair?? Who has a problem with hair?? Not this brother.. Which reminds me it is almost time for my three week haircut.
    Great pic of the four of them.

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