Snapshot Saturday: Oct. 13

Oct 13

Another blast from the past!

Remember a couple weeks ago when one of my brothers noted I should allow people to post responses to this weekly feature?

While I noted that I have, several times, posted stuff of myself.

I also got to thinking what it would be like to let people post to my blog without my seeing what is going up.

I believe my face would look something like the one on my said brother’s kisser in this image.

Have a good weekend, all.

This guy says… bad idea!


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  1. Oh who is that young lad.

  2. Looks like someone pooped his pants

  3. He looks like he is thinking something like “you want me to what?”
    Barb recently posted..CalmMy Profile

  4. JR, I was thinking the same freaking thing! Either he had or was in the process of making a poopie!

  5. Joanne /

    I don’t think he liked the idea of having his picture taken, or else he was afraid of the photographer…anyway,I think he looks adorable!!!

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