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Oct 11

I’ve been a bit of hit or miss lately.

I don’t know why, either. Well, I guess I probably do. But usually, blogging has been my way to kind of get away from it all and just write for a while.

But I’ve been struggling lately.

I have a book full of ideas and I just can’t settle in and do them. My focus goes away. I think, for the most part, it’s the real world finally beating me down. There’s some reality hitting hard right now (job stuff) and it’s really getting to me.

I have a post almost ready to go. It’s basically the explanation of everything that’s been going on recently and with the job hunt. I honestly didn’t think this whole job hunt stuff would take this long — and longer. Heck, I received two more rejection letters the other day. I give those two credit — at least they told me I was no longer a candidate. Many nowadays don’t even send that. But, the post I have written¬†has thoughts about the future and everything else. The problem is, I don’t know if I want to post it. I wonder if I’ve put too much out there. So I’m letting it simmer a bit before I decide whether or not to hit the “publish” button.

It’s not just with this blog, either. My other blog — Rattling Chains — has been tough for me to sit down and write, too. Thankfully, there are several awesome writers for the site as well and they’ve done a wonderful job. And, I had a bunch of stories I had written that were in the queue, so that’s saved me a little.

Life is tough, that’s for sure.

I don’t do much anymore. I apply for jobs. I, thankfully, have a part-time job once a week or two that allows me to keep writing in the field. And, it’s something newer on the resume, so that helps. On the weekends, I try and get out and be active.

Goodness knows sitting inside and on a computer all the time hoping for a job isn’t good for the ol’ health. And I’m sure I’ll hear about it at my doctor’s appointment this Friday. That being said, my weight has gone down, which is good.

I’ll be skimming through my ideas book soon, though. My hope is I can get back into the flow again. I have some good ideas, I just need to push myself.

Too, I’m working on a couple of side writing projects. Whether these become book-sized or just something smaller, I’m hoping to eventually be able to self-publish a thing or two (book format/Kindle etc.) and see what happens. The book field is so competitive anymore, so I just want to see what I can come up with.

Hopefully things eventually square themselves out. I can hope, anyway.

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  1. Hang in there, guy! Positive energy coming your way.
    Mike recently posted..Knot Tying BoardMy Profile

  2. I know things can look pretty bleak at times, but keep the faith, P.J. It just takes one “yes” to change our day. It’ll come.
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Very SuperstitiousMy Profile

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time. Focus on your positives, lost weight/ other job/good ideas… Sometimes when you get in a slump you just have to shake things up and do something totally out of character.
    Hoping you find that something to get you over the hump!
    Barb recently posted..FiveMy Profile

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