Snapshot Saturday: Oct. 6

Oct 06

Another blast from the past!

It seems somebody had a birthday this past Tuesday?

And with that, we must celebrate on Snapshot Saturday, shouldn’t we? Oh yes, we should. We definitely should.

I shall even be nice and not mention any age!

Happy birthday, Aunt Joanne!


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  1. Emily /

    I remember this, it was the dress she wore to my wedding back in the day. Happy Birthday again.

  2. Roseann /

    Happy Birthday. I also remember that dress. She looks just as great today as then.

  3. Denise /

    Hahaha. BEST PICTURE!!

  4. Hey I don’t remember that dress. Lol
    Oh wait I wasent even thought of then.

  5. Joanne Jackson /

    Wasn’t I cute??? Thanks, PJ

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