I keep saying I’ll never have enough material to fill up a “Really?” column.

Alas, things that happen in this world always seem to give me enough fodder for these posts. Sometimes, I shake my head. Other times my jaw hits the ground. But no matter what, I always end up saying “Really?”

Let us look at this month’s edition…


This first one isn’t so bad.

It’s about quadruplets in China. And the four were getting haircuts in anticipation of their first day of school.

See, this is where is becomes a bit funny.

The parents have a hard enough time telling the four apart. So they needed to do something to help the school. So what did they do? The haircuts for the kids were numbers.


Basically, each kid was shaved bald except for a large number (from 1-4) on top of their head! Talk about finding a way to tell the kids apart!

From the story:

The boys, named Jiang Yunlong, Jiang Yunxiao, Jiang Yunhan and Jiang Yunlin, are so alike that their parents even struggle to tell the difference.

“My sons are identical, even to me,” the boys’ mother Tan Chaoyun told local media.

Check out the link to the story for the photo of these kids and their haircuts.


If you’ve ever received a parking ticket, you’ll want to read this story.

This guy was parked near a meter in Hollywood, see. And he came back to his car to see six minutes remaining on his meter. Yet the parking enforcement officer was putting a ticket on this guys car.

But this guy decided to make sure he had some evidence and started videoing the situation, including getting close up with the ticket-writer and getting his name and badge number.

The fine was going to be $63, and if, indeed, he did have time on the meter, one has to wonder what the heck was he getting a ticket for?

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

See, but this is where it gets even better.

If you go to the video, which has received more than 322,ooo views, there’s an update by the person who was getting the ticket.

It turns out both he and the parking attendant were right. See, the meter had expired. But some person walking by decided to flip 10 cents in the meter in hopes of the parking officer turning around and seeing there was time and moving on.

After this story blew up some, the tipster came forward and admitted what he did.

In the end, the guy paid his fine. According to the story he’s posted on the YouTube video, he also wants to take the tipster and the parking enforcement officer out to brunch. Oh yeah, and he’s launched his own website — My Parking Story.

Only in America, folks. You can’t make this stuff up.


OK, so you go out hunting, your dog shoots you and you end up with an amputated right hand.

Sounds like fiction, right?

Not in France.

Some dude named Rene said his dog accidentally shot him. Apparently the dog somehow pulled the trigger of the hunter’s shotgun when the dog jumped on Rene.


He was with three dogs at the time and two of them ran off after a deer. The third stayed behind.

And, what’s a good hunting dog to do in that situation?

“He jumped on top of me for a cuddle,” Rene said.

Cuddle, shooting. Sure, they are the same, no?

The hunter was taken to a hospital, but with so much severe damage, the hand couldn’t be saved.

Still, Rene sided with the dog:

It wasn’t the dog’s fault. And he’s adorable! I should have left the (gun’s) safety on, that’s all.



This next piece really blows my mind.

Some guy, who apparently wanted to show how great a 300-pound gorilla can be — and, ya know, be nice and all.

So what’s he do? He sends in his 18-month-old daughter to play with the Magilla Gorilla brother.

Now it appears this video is more than 20 years old. But the person did it now to help his foundation for gorillas. Apparently, too, this family has been brought up with gorillas and are “accepted” by the gorilla family, but still.

Here’s an ABC video about the video (it shows it) and a follow up with the father and daughter in current time (the daughter is now like 22).

YouTube Preview Image

Either way, I don’t think I could see putting an 18-month-old in with a gorilla.

No thanks.

On a side note — he now has an 8-year-old daughter and he won’t let her in with the gorillas, but only because of the change in society, political nature etc. If it were fully up to him, he’d still let his daughters in with the gorillas.


I shall end with this one.

Margaret Dunning is a fan of old cars. So much so that she drives around a 1930 Packard 740 Roadster (I’m jealous).

See, here’s the thing — she’s older than said car.

Dunning is 102 and still drives that Packard. Not only that, she also owns several other vehicles, including a 2003 Cadillac DeVille. And, she still changes her own oil in that car sometimes! Some of the other classics she owns are a 1930 Model A as well as a 1966 Cadillac DeVille and a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado.

Check out this New York Times video to get the whole story (and to see that Packard!)

YouTube Preview Image

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