Foto Friday: The Archives II

Apr 13

It’s that time again.

I’ve been sifting through my Flickr account as I try and update things and keep up to date on uploading my Project 366!

While I was at it, I was thinking it might be fun to do an archive Foto Friday, as I did back in February.

The idea is simple — I choose a few random Flickr pages and select a photo from it. I hope you enjoy this trip through some archives!

Page 34

A lucky shot when I was out taking images at a local nature spot. Taken earlier this year.

Taking off!

Page 47

Taken during my trip to the Jersey Shore in October 2011. This was during a night photo outing in Atlantic City.

The seedy side of the city?

Page 86

I did some night photos at the local county fair and this is one of the shots. I really loved the long-exposure shots and how they came out.

Fast action!

Page 128

The Iwo Jima Memorial at night in Arlington, Va. Taken in April 2011.

At night.

Page 139

In January 2011, I went on a LL Bean adventure with snowshoeing. I, of course, took photos. We were with some U at Albany students and they were happy enough to be in the photos.

Marching along.

Page 172

Got to see a comedian that I met years ago in Montreal. He was doing a show in Albany. Funny as ever. And I really enjoyed the show and took some photos I really liked.

Steve Caouette.

Page 211

This photo — one I took at the Fly Creek Cider Mill — somehow got into Stumbled or something like that and got massive hits. To date, it has nearly 20,000 views!

Good sign.

Page 240

A shot I took in February 2012.


Page 263

Some waterfalls, taken in May 2009.

Cider Falls.

Page 296

Taken during one of my earliest cache outings, in March 2008.

In Northeast Pa.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down photo lane with me. I’ll likely do it again sometime in the future after I pile up some more pages worth of photos on Flickr!

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  1. That Cider Falls picture is beautiful. Is that the Cider Falls in New York somewhere?

  2. Yes, near the Watertown area.

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