Dialing a star… SAY WHAT?

Apr 11

Think this will work to make money?

I have no idea who Steven Gantt is.

But I can talk to him for $20 per minute.

Silly me. I thought the “per minute” calls were saves for psychics, adult phone excitement or sports scores.

It appears I was wrong.

See, I was looking at a pro wrestling news site the other day. And one of the items it had was that people could speak with a former WWE Diva — for $15 per minute.

I was intrigued. Who was this diva? Was it Sunny? I know she had dabbled in adult entertainment, so maybe she was just speaking sexy. Or Chynna. She was, ya know, involved in the adult industry, too.

No, it was Angela Fong, who apparently performed under the name “Savannah” and was a ring announcer at times. I have no idea who she is. And I don’t know who the hell would pay $15 per minute to speak with her.

Welcome to Dial-A-Star!

There is a website out there that connects you to the stars. For a per-minute rate, you can speak to a “star.” I put that in quotes because of the big list of people I saw there, I only know who a few were. I would think a “star” would be known to many people.

So back to Steven Gantt.

Apparently, Mr. Gantt opened his own escort agency (what are the odds that of the random person I selected, it would have something to do with the adult industry? I have a feeling I see where this site is aiming).

But wait — the reason he did it? According to the site, it was to bring a sense of pride to an industry that is often frowned upon by society.

Um… yeah. I’m sure money had nothing to do with it.

No worries… he also worked as a bartender, chef and model. He’s even worked as an offshore oil rigger!

And in his spare time, Steven renovates houses, works on muscle cars, plays sax and piano.

You can speak to him… for $20 per minute!

What in the hell makes him a star? And WHY would I want to pay him 20 bones per minute to speak with him?

It seems there are many models here and some other people. But again, some interesting people who they refer to as a “star.” But I don’t get the idea. Is it to say you spoke with somebody? Is it for advice? Is it for excitement?

What’s the draw?

Especially at so much per minute. I saw some at $6 per minute, but most are in double digits. There was one at $3 per minute, too.

My favorite, I think?

Michael Lohan! That’s Lindsay’s father. He’s $18 per minute, but if you could pack some questions in that minute, it could be an interesting call, eh?

And maybe he could hook you up with his daughter. It seems like she likes to party. When she’s not in jail and all.

This appears to be no joke. Which, to be honest, is unfortunate.

I think it’s time to start Dial-A-HooHaa. It might help me with my current job situation. Make a few bucks on the side.

I’m not sure what I’d talk about.

But if I bored you, just hang up and go find one of these “stars” and maybe you could get better conversation.

Better yet, save your money and call an old friend. It’s worth way more than calling a random “star.”

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