Snapshot Saturday: March 17

Mar 17

Another blast from the past!

As many of you who follow this weekly feature know, there’s no barriers on what photos I run here.

Or what side of the family I attack with said photos.

And this time it’s to hit up some of the cousins…!

This one is pure classic and is the type of photo that caused me to start doing Snapshot Saturday. Love it. Absolutely love it.

Who are these little ones??

How great is this?


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  1. Denise /

    Love it!! Hahaha

  2. Too easy……. Chris, Ang, Deb, and Mike in that order.

  3. Roseann /

    You are right Pat

  4. Aunt Joanne /

    They are sooo adorable..

  5. Emily /

    How cool is that? You know another shoe is going to drop soon.

  6. Bring on the other shoes…. Wow these pics are something else thats for sure…

  7. Emily /

    How very right Patrick.

  8. Denise /

    Oh then that means us!!! CRAP

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