Is it winter? Or spring?

Mar 05

After a nice day Saturday, I looked forward to putting in decent weather Sunday... or not!

This weather is nuts.

Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to answer the question of if it’s spring or winter. In fact, she’s been a bit wishy-washy about it all winter. Warm days. Cold days. No snow. Some snow.

It’s like there’s a poker game going on at Weather Central between Mother Nature, the Heat Meiser and the Snow Meiser.

Saturday in this area was gorgeous.

Blue skies were abundant. The temps were quite decent. In fact, I got by with just a sweatshirt. Alas, a couple of us headed down to Binghamton to watch a couple of sectional final basketball games. Despite a two-hour delay for a power outage, I didn’t really get the chance to enjoy the weather. I should have grabbed the camera and went and checked out all of Binghamton’s St. Patty Day celebrations (despite being a couple weeks early, but they do it every year).

There was a parade and bands and a lot of drunk people, which always makes for good photos.

Saturday was a beautiful day and, of course, I had indoor activities planned!

But, with not knowing how long the power outage at the arena was, it was tough to go too far. So we went and grabbed a snack and waited it out before heading back and getting to watch one game before heading to Elmira for another event.

Like I said, not taking advantage of the weather.

Then came Sunday. Initially, the forecast had shown a sunny day. In the 30s, yes, but sunny.

To be fair, we did see some sun.

It just happened to get sandwiched between snow squalls. That made for a cold day. But I really wanted to get some putting in. I haven’t done anything with throwing a disc in a while. And I’m planning on playing in a tournament March 17, with the possibility of getting into a doubles tournament March 18.

So I needed to putt a little.

By the time I reached one local park to set up a basket, it was snowing and blustery. Alas, we continued. But when the snow stopped and it cleared a little it was much better. Still a bit nuts. See the photo at the top of this post for proof!

Today, as I write this, I look outside and see gorgeous skies again. There’s plentiful sun and it seems perfect.

Or not. notes that it’s a balmy 19 degrees outside right now. Don’t trust the overall temperature, however, as the website also notes that it feels like 6 degrees out.

A good day to stay indoors and continue that job hunt, I’d say!

Despite the chilling feel to today, it seems like spring might be peeking over the next week. I realize spring doesn’t “officially” start until March 20, but I’ve been told in the weatherman’s world, it starts March 1 (this coming from a weather guru friend of mine and I have no reason to doubt it. Makes sense, too, as I’ve heard weathermen mentioning “spring” since the turn of the month!)

The long-range forecast for my town:

This I can dig.

Hopefully the steady climb into the 40s and 50s will remain a positive trend and spring will be here to stay. Then it’s time to get outdoors for a few hours each day to hike, exercise, play some disc golf, geocache and do whatever else.

And daylight savings time starts on March 11, so that means more daylight. Excellent!

Though things are maddening now with the weather, there seems hope that this odd winter will soon be a memory as we move on into spring. I’m sure, however, it will be just as odd.

Snow in June, anyone?

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