Snapshot Saturday: March 3

Mar 03

Another blast from the past!

This one is freakin’ great.

As many family members (at least those on Facebook) found out yesterday, I noted that I found the mother load of family photos. So Snapshot Saturday will go on for a LONG time. And, well, family members (and a few non-family related shots of friends), there’s a lot of open game out there. And a lot of shots that people might say “Oh no.”

Yes, classic shots. So make sure you come back each week for this.

For this week though…

Readers of my blog will hopefully remember a post I did remembering a cousin who died in 2011 — Joey Vento, who was a mainstay in Philly with his Geno’s Steaks joint.

When younger he and my mother were quite close. Whenever I visited Geno’s, he always made sure I would send his best to my mother.

So to uncover this image was golden.

It’s from 1956 — my mother and Joey. Love this shot and didn’t want to wait — I had to share this one this week!

The future Ace of Steaks and my mother.


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  1. sherry hull /


  2. Emily /

    Me too Sherry, he was a great guy.

  3. Save Some tears. I know the picture PJ is talking about. At least one of them sherry.

    • You know what picture I am talking about? I didn’t know about most of these photos until I uncovered them.

  4. Styling!

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