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Nov 10

OK, so I’m working on a few other blog posts that might take some time. I needed something today and realized it had been a long time since I shared some of my YouTube finds.

So, what better for a dreary upstate New York day than a few cool videos?

Every once in a while, either through current subscriptions or random finds, I come across videos that I think would be great to share with people. Below are a few that I have found recently. I hope you enjoy them!

Have you ever heard of Lindsey Stirling? No? Amazing. She’s a “hip-hop” violinist. She was once a contestant on America’s Got Talent, too. Anyway, I’ve followed her YouTube channel for a bit. She’s really good and her videos are tremendous. I would highly encourage you to give a look.

Here’s her latest on YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image


How many of you grew up with Nintendo?

Mario. Luigi. Yoshi. All those catchy jingles of Super Mario Brothers.

If you are one of those people, you might love this video. Really cool. And if you sit back and think, you can probably picture each spot of the game where these tunes come from. Really cool.

YouTube Preview Image


In a day and age when the Internet is King, technology is the ruler and we all just follow…

… check out this short video.

It proves that words are and can be some of the most powerful things in this world.

This is a pretty powerful video, I thought.

YouTube Preview Image


For those of us who are soon going to be stuck in several months of “ugh” weather, take a peek at this video.

One day, it’s a place I’d love to visit.

This video makes this paradise look that much better. Amazing.

YouTube Preview Image


And how about some disc golf trick shots to finish off this post?

I think that works well.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Sparticus /

    And now I am breaking out the old NES and gonna play some Mario.
    Also, can you do any of those trick shots? I still wanna learn how to play some disc golf

    • Chuck — Mario! Awesome! As for some of those trick shots — I’m not good enough. I would try though! I have been filming some urban things though!

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