PBC (November 2014): Where the streets have no name

Nov 28

Who comes up with these themes?

Oh… right.

Well, I had grand thoughts for this theme myself. And in the end, I failed miserably. So much so that I had to scramble on Thanksgiving Day to finish up some photos. You see, the thoughts I had were fine… but with a packed month and me losing my mind.

Where the streets have no name. Really? What was I thinking?

Still, I actually like what I came up with. I went on a walk with my niece and we came up with some ideas together and i like the direction this all went. That being said, I’d rather not wait until the last second again!

Needless to say, another month is down and I am truly excited to see what people had to come up with for this one. December’s theme will be much easier, I assure you. And I’ve heard from several people who seem like they are ready to join up, so that’s a good thing.

I’m also going to do my best to reach out to some who have participated in the past and see if they might want to join in this month. That theme will be unveiled Monday, so make sure you come back and see. Or watch the Facebook group and I’ll try and remember to update that on time!

Anyway, enough rambling. It’s time for me to share my five images. Let’s see if I can do anything with this one a last-second rush!

1. Snowy Street 

Thought the street may have a name, when it’s snowy and such, sometimes it’s easy to miss names with the peacefulness this brings.


2. Traveling along

The lines of major roads can quickly make you forget the road on which you are traveling.


3. Stop. Continue.

One way. Or stop? Or both.


4. Named

The street has a name… but if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss where you need to go with the snow.


5. Follow the street

You may not know the street you are on, but know a curve is coming.


That’s my five for the month. And, now it’s your turn.

If you took part this month, make sure you link up below. And for those who participated, make sure you try and get to other people’s blogs and comment and visit so we can continue to grow this challenge. Don’t forget, too, to come back and visit on Monday, December 1 and see the theme for December!

NOTE: I set up a Facebook group for those who participate in the challenge and are interested. I’ll post any announcements there and hopefully it can be a place where things are discussed and some interaction etc. You can access it here.

Feel free to leave a comment, or e-mail P.J. at hoohaablog@gmail.com. Also, please “Like” HooHaa Blog on Facebook!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 27

For those in the USA, allow me to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Living with Diabetes: Getting through holiday eating

Nov 26

I’ve been dreading tomorrow.

Though I’ve never been a huge Thanksgiving person in regard to feasts, I know I probably eat a tad too much. I don’t love turkey (though the cold turkey sandwiches after are tasty), but there are enough tasty treats to make the whole day a lot of eating.

And though I’ve experienced it throughout my life, this is the first since I actually starting taking my diabetes seriously.


And this, of course, is the tip off to the holiday season. Christmas is the time where I have usually gone a little worse than normal. I love all the treats and meals associated with Christmastime and then there are all of the holiday parties and gatherings…

You get the picture.

But this year, I need to be a bit smarter. Since I’ve really started watching my food intake and what it does to me, it’s been all over the place. Some things make my blood sugar spike more than others and I’m still trying to learn all of that. One step I need to take is with keeping a food journal and my readings and such so I can start to see what things are doing. I probably should start shaking up what times I check, too, so I don’t always see the same thing.

But I still need to make it through the next month and a half of holiday fun!

I went searching for tips, with the hopes of finding a few that will hopefully help me not binge on food and make my sugars go through the roof.

As always, it’s worth noting that taking medicines on schedule and finding healthy versions of the foods we love are a big start. And try to increase some physical activity. But this is everyday stuff, too.

The American Diabetes Association has offered six extremely good tips.

Focus on friends and family – and not the food.

Don’t overdo it at a party – so eat slowly and really enjoy the foods that you don’t have often. Make sure portions are reasonable and resist the urges for a second helping.

Bring what you like – so if you are at a party, offer to bring your favorite dish. If you count the carbs (I do), try and know the nutrition facts.

Drink in moderation – Remember to eat something before to prevent the low levels later. The ADA offers that diabetics should keep it to one drink for a woman and two for men. Try and stick with sugar free mixes if you are having a mixed drink.

Stay active – The lack of physical activity can really do one in. Try and get out and plan some time to exercise.

Get back on track if you overindulge – You might eat more than planned, but it’s not failure. Stop eating for the night and focus on the people you are with. Monitor your levels and get back on track the next day.

The reality is you have to prep yourself for this time of year. Tips such as making sure you have a snack before you head to a party can help you avoid overeating. You don’t want to go hungry as it can work against you.

And this is something I truly know… but making sure to monitor blood sugars is very important.

In the end, the one tip I am going to give myself is simple — be smart. I know that I have a blood test coming up in late December/early January, so I want to make sure I don’t go crazy. And I also know this is a massive challenge for me and I want to make sure I get through it without issue.

For any other diabetics maybe reading this … do you have any tips? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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Soundless Sunday: Nov. 23

Nov 23

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

– Danny Kaye

Nov 23

Soundless Sunday is a weekly feature where I’ll try and feature a favorite quote and a photo that I’ve taken. Enjoy life — it’s the only way to go!

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Snapshot Saturday: Nov. 22

Nov 22

Another blast from the past!

I had to scan a couple of photos for my brother, so I figured I’d use one here.

Even back then with the soccer ball.

Even back then with the soccer ball.

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Announcing the 20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge

Nov 21

One thing I’ve missed over the past several months in blogging is interaction. For a few months, my posts were sporadic and I haven’t visited as many blogs as I usually do.

I’m trying to amend that.

One way to do that is to be part of challenges. For the past few years, I took part in a once-per-year challenge. The goal was simple – a post per day for a full month. Each day, there was a linkup. Most participants visited and comments on everybody’s posts. It was interactive and fun.


Last year, however, was the final year the challenge was being held. It stinks, just because it was so fun and I always enjoyed the people who took part in it.

The concept of the challenge was pretty easy. A post gave the dates and the themes. Each day, you wrote a post with the theme in mind. You then went to the main site, commented on their post (of course!) and linked yours. Then people would be visiting and commenting throughout the day. Lots of fun!

As for the themes? They differed. Some were easy, some hard, some way out there, and some straight to the point. Not everybody did all of the themes. Some did all of them. It all depended on the blog and the person.

That’s what made it fun, though.

But even more fun was the community, the comments, the interaction and everything else. I found some great blogs through this challenge and found some good blogging friends.

One of the fun parts, too, was the bloggers submitting themes to be considered. This way, it truly was a community.

So, I’ve decided to try and run one of these, too. And I’m reaching out to the Northeast Bloggers Network to hope you’ll join me. It’s my hope you’ll want to post most days, but please – even if it’s just a small part of your post – try and have the theme somewhere. This isn’t just a linkup so people can put their post somewhere else – it’s a challenge.

Here’s the deal with the challenge – and in the spirit of the former writing challenge I was a member of, there are no real rules (outside of somehow making the theme part of your post, and making sure when you link up it’s to the direct pot, not just your website!)

What’s that mean?

It means there are no length requirements. No style requirements. You don’t have to post each day. Be part of it when you can, and hopefully that means for the full challenge.

The themes/prompts are there to help guide you. Have fun with them. Be creative with your writing. Interpret as you see fit. Fiction or fact. All up to you.

With that, welcome to the 20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge!

This challenge will be held during January, on weekdays beginning on Jan. 5.

So there will be no weekends for the challenge, just Monday-Friday. That means the dates will be:

  • January 5-9
  • January 12-16
  • January 19-23
  • January 26-30

I’ll schedule my posts to be up by 6 a.m. EST each day. I would encourage each of you to check back throughout the day and visit others blogs. I believe you’ll all be pleasantly surprised at how fun this can be and how many interesting posts will hopefully be there.

At this point, I am calling on all of you for theme ideas. I’ll leave this open for 2-3 weeks, and then randomly select 20. All of them will be announced ahead of time, so you can plan accordingly.

There is (hopefully) a Google form attached here (at the bottom of the post) for you to fill out to give some ideas for themes. Conversely, feel free to post them in the comments here as I will keep an eye on this.

On December 18, I will have a post with the dates and themes as well as anything else needed.

Side note – last year, I created a t-shirt through TeeSpring for the challenge. I’ll do that again this year. They do good work and each person who wants one buys it through the website themselves. It’s a campaign, though, so we’ll need to get a certain amount for it to happen. Hopefully, that will work. My plan will be to launch it about a week before the challenge starts and keep it live for three weeks. The logo on this page will be on the shirt. I just need to come up with what color to use for the shirt!

I hope you all will consider this fun challenge. Tell your blogging friends. Let’s make it a good one! The 20 Days of Chill!

Feel free to leave a comment, or e-mail P.J. at hoohaablog [at] gmail.com. Also, please “Like” HooHaa Blog on Facebook!

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Going geocaching mega style at the Metro Gathering

Nov 20

A day of geocaching was definitely something needed.

This past Saturday two of us took the semi-short trip to New Jersey to attend a Mega event and have a day of geocaching. Turns out it was a pretty solid trip overall and it felt good to get out and geocache for a day — something I haven’t done in a while.

A monster geocoin.

A monster geocoin.

In fact, since I started caching in 2008, this year counts for the fewest amount of finds I’ve ever had. After this past weekend, which saw a 30-cache day, I’m at 202 for the year. The next closest for fewest finds in a year was the 432 I found last year.

Do the math on that one.

So, needless to say, a weekend like this is one I really needed. And it was a good time. Including the mega event and a lab cache, we found 10 different icons in one day, which is pretty sweet. On the state program I use, however, lab caches don’t count (and I can understand why), though they do count toward the total on your geocaching.com profile.


Found it!

Found it!

It was a nice and crisp fall day with temperatures in the 40s and a blue sky with a brilliant sun. The event staff did a nice job in putting some 20-plus caches out in this park, which was wonderful to walk. There were paved paths, the hides were clever and well done and, for most of the finds, there wasn’t an overflow of people. That is rare with mega events, but I think with the caches being published several days before the event, people got them before hand. Not only that, when we walked them, we did it in the afternoon.

The cool part about the day, though, was the cool caches. We hit a few virtual geocaches, one of which took us to a cemetery where there was a Mercedes headstone. Yeah, really wild. We nabbed a webcam cache, which are hard to find anymore.

There was an on-site puzzle, as well as meeting some cachers and having the chance to do a Whereigo with them.

Fall was still hanging around in Jersey.

Fall was still hanging around in Jersey.

As for the event, it was pretty solid. Considering it was started with somebody saying “We should be able to do this,” and getting the Mega status rather quickly, it went well. There were some good vendors there. There was pretty decent Pathtag trading, too. I walked out with many new tags for the collection!

It was also nice running into some old caching friends and making a few more. It also showed me how much I’ve missed geocaching with as little as I’ve done it this year.

Life sometimes gets in the way of hobbies like this. But the other side is a hobby like this allows you to disappear some … and the come back like nothing has changed. I don’t know how many big days I’ll have left this year, but this weekend makes me want to get out again to cache and to place them.

On a side note, by getting all of the caches in the park that day, it helped me get to more than 17,000 steps that day, and in the end, that’s what I always loved about caching — a fun hobby that allows you to exercise at the same time!

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