Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2015): Two

Mar 31

Has the spring arrived for you?

In my neck of the woods, I woke up on March 30 with a coating of an inch of so of fresh snow. On the bright side, it’s supposed to warm up this week, so we’ll see.

I’m ready for better weather.

Alas, enough talking about that. It’s time to talk about photos and this month’s theme of “Two.”

I had a hard time with this one. The weather made it tough to get out and shoot photos and I didn’t have a lot of inspiration with this one. I did end up finding some things I truly liked with the theme and I think I was pretty diverse with it.

I’m still shocked at the growth of this challenge and that we’ve celebrated two years. Here’s to many more!

Two was the theme this month, and here’s my five.

1. 2CW

Squared Circle Wrestling, or 2CW as it is known, is an independent group out of Syracuse. I’ve had the chance to see them many times, and they had a card this month. I liked this shot not just because of the federation’s name, but because the two in the one tag team were performing a really cool move together.

Double trouble!

Double trouble!

2. Roll ‘em

How about if a two comes up in the dice?

Roll the dice!

Roll the dice!

3. Two drips

The spring weather we’ve had once or twice has made for some nice photo chances, like the double drip of this icicle.



4. Which directon?

Once you come to this stop sign… you have to make a choice — left or right.

Which way do you turn?

Which way do you turn?

 5. Father and son

I had the chance to snap some shots of Cameron … again … for this month. Him and my brother (his father) when I was there. Two together!

Father and son.

Father and son.

That’s my five and now it’s your turn!

If you took part in this month’s challenge, make sure to link up below. And for those of you who participated, make sure you try and get to other people’s blogs and comment (here, too!). Let’s continue to grow this challenge and have a strong community. Come back and check out the others who link later on, too!

Also, don’t forget to get back here tomorrow, April 1, to see the theme for April!

NOTE: I set up a Facebook group for those who participate in the challenge and are interested. I’ll post any announcements there and hopefully it can be a place where things are discussed and some interaction etc. You can access it here.

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Soundless Sunday: March 29

Mar 29

“Woodstock is to rock and roll what Wrestlemania is to wrestling.”

– Jesse Ventura

Brodie Lee (then known as) is now in the WWE as Luke Harper and will be part of Wrestlemania today.

Brodie Lee (then known as) is now in the WWE as Luke Harper and will be part of Wrestlemania today.

Soundless Sunday is a weekly feature where I’ll try and feature a favorite quote and a photo that I’ve taken. Enjoy life — it’s the only way to go!

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Snapshot Saturday: March 28

Mar 28

Another blast from the past!

So I’m pretty sure I used a photo similar to this one before, but not specifically this one. So I figured it was a good time to do so.

Dinner time!

Dinner time!


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Time to clean things up!

Mar 27

I’m going over there.

It’s a pretty simple statement, isn’t it?

I’m going over to their house.

That’s simple, too, right?

I’m going over to there house.

Does that become confusing to you? I hope so.

I’m going over their.

Yeah, hopefully if the first one didn’t get you, this one did.

In the age of digital and social media, the use of words seems to be coming to an end. It’s what I like to refer to as lazy writing. I’m sure you’ve seen it on all of your favorite Facebook posts.

R u comin over tonite? i’ll be their at 7. I cant believ there havin a party. See u l8tr.

If you’ve not been in a box, you’ve seen something like this on Facebook, or in a text, or on one of a zillion other social media sites.

And look, I’m not some perfect speller – far from it, in fact. When I was in high school and my early college days, before the onset of what we now have in this world, I was much better. But with spellcheck, I think everybody has something of a crutch.

That still doesn’t eliminate the misuse of words.

Their vs. There. Its vs. It’s. Your vs you’re. Heck, scratch it’s and just put “any word that requires an apostrophe.”

The thing that kills me most is when it goes beyond a personal e-mail or text. Such as when you get a professional e-mail and these types of items are in there. I realize spellcheck won’t pick up misuse of words, but when I typed this post in Word before transferring it to the blog, every grammatical error or misused word had a blue line underneath. That means something’s wrong.

Not every e-mail or word processing program probably does this, and I have a feeling it’s something one needs to turn on or off.

Where did we all go wrong?

Is it the lack of care of coming off in a professional manner?

I liken it to professional dress.

Look, I’m not a tie guy. I never have been. When I need to wear them, I do. But I don’t on a regular basis, and a lot of that is because I’m a vest guy. Wearing a tie under a vest doesn’t always make sense as you barely see it. If I didn’t wear vests, I’d probably be in a tie 80 percent of the time when it comes to work.

But one needs to “dress” the part. If you are a mechanic, you aren’t dressing business casual. But if you work in a corporate setting, suits might be necessary.

Where did that change?

A couple of years ago, when I was unemployed, I went to job fair that a local baseball camp put on. They hire about 700 seasonal employees for 13 weeks during the summer. This work covers all aspect of a camp, from maintenance, to customer service, to retail, to photography, to operations. So many things are covered.

Still, if you are going to the job fair, wouldn’t you want to go presentable?

This job fair is set up with tables throughout the room. You go to each one where you have interest and basically have an interview on the spot. So you might get there and decide to interview somewhere else.

When I went, I didn’t go full suit, but I did the tie and all that. I was shocked at how many people went in jeans, or shorts, or wind pants, as well as hoodies, or logo shirts. Heck, there was one guy walking around with a shirt that said “Why U mad, bro?”


There were hats, and piercings, and showing noticeable tattoos (note: to work at this place, all tattoos need to be covered), as well as people just looking unkempt.

And that seems to be the way we are going in society.

I have no issues with a “dress-down” approach. I truly believe that, sometimes, you need to dress a little more casual. I feel the same way with language. If I get a text that says “R u goin out later?” I don’t freak out. I don’t personally do it – but I can live with it.

In an e-mail, I get a little more irritated. In people’s Facebook posts? I move on and don’t read. I figure if you don’t care enough to make it readable, why should I read it?

And if it’s in a professional setting, it’s the worst possible scenario.

We all make mistakes when writing. I’ve done it and I’ll do it again. But basic grammar and spelling is very important in life. After all, there are people who watch and cringe at these things and their days will be better knowing things are correct!

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Review: Cache Crate Monthly

Mar 23

In the past couple of years, there have been a lot of those monthly clubs popping up, from food, to healthy products to whatever else.

Add geocaching to that mix.

In February, the geocaching website/store Cache Advance launched the Cache Crate Monthly, a box of geocaching goodies that would come to your doorstep each month. You didn’t know what you would get, and for less than $25. Of course, if you sign up for longer, the price is cheaper.

With a discount code in hand, I signed up for March’s Cache Crate to see if it was something I’d be interested in getting.

March edition of the Cache Crate.

March edition of the Cache Crate.

Now, let me preface this a little in that I’m not usually a fan of these boxes because it has to appeal more to the masses. I’ve been in a couple of others and I didn’t last long because I didn’t feel they benefited me that much.

That’s what I felt with the Cache Crate, too. That doesn’t mean it’s not good for a wider audience.

The subscription will cost you $19 per month if you sign up for a year ($228 for the year), $20 per month for a six-month membership, or $22 per month if you go month-by-month. You can also go every other month ($23 per month, plus a $4 setup feel) or every three months ($24 per month, plus a $4 setup fee).

The prices aren’t bad in the big scheme of things. My crate cost me less than 20 bucks for March, with the coupon.

I had actually forgot all about it until it arrived in my PO Box this past week. I opened it when I got home and there were a few interesting items. But I was left a little deflated as I was expecting more of a “geocaching” feel to it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect a box with a retail of $50 or anything, but I think I had set my expectations a tad higher.

In the box was a bunny Cachekinz trackable, a utility plate micro cache, a dayhiker first aid kid, and a bumble bar. All of this adds up to you getting your $20 worth of crate materials.

This is where I feel it aims toward a larger group than me.

I’m not one to place a utility plate cache, I already own a first aid kit (though, to be fair, one can always use a newer one), and I’ll send the trackable out to roam the world (thought it might make for a good giveaway at a caching event!) But, for example, the Bumble Bar. I’ve never heard of it. I need to see what it’s got in it etc., because being diabetic, I need to make sure it works OK with me. Some people might not be able to eat it. It seems OK though, so I’ll give it a try at some point.

Again, I don’t think the Cache Crate was awful. But it’s not for me. I know many geocachers who would have gotten this and enjoyed all aspects of it. I’ll look forward to seeing it grow and watching some unboxing videos in future months and maybe I’ll revisit it again.

I will also say that Cache Advance is an excellent geocaching store to deal with and the owner is top notch. This is definitely not something to go against what they are doing or working on here. It’s just not for me.

This is, however, an excellent thing for geocaching. When you get things like this, it allows newer and seasoned cachers to get different things each month. I am sure the crate will grow and keep improving in time. If you are a geocacher in search of something different each month in the mail, give it a go as you never know how you’ll feel about it until you try it.

Have you seen or subscribed to the Cache Crate? If so, drop a message below and let me know what you think of it.

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I have an appointment… in western Canada?

Mar 16

Sometimes, I have to wonder about random e-mails.

Are they for real? Or are they phishing for something? Or … is it something else?

I’m sure we are all used to getting SPAM e-mail about dating, and enhancements to your intimate life, and … all that good stuff.

But, apparently, I’m going back to school.

I have an e-mail address set up for, well, SPAM. Basically, I use it when a website needs me to set up something and I don’t want to give one of my real addresses. That being said, I do go check the e-mail address every once in a while because there is sometimes something there I should see.

So yesterday, I get an e-mail and the subject is:

Your appointment notification with MTI Community College

That, right away, makes me scratch my head. First, I’ve never heard of this CC (it’s in Western Canada), and being I doubt that community college offers Ph.D programs, I don’t think I’d be looking to go to that school.

The inside text said:

Dear (My fake e-mail name):

Thank you for taking the time to inquire with MTI. This e-mail is a confirmation that your appointment with us is on Thursday, March 12, 2015 11:00 AM. I look forward to meeting with you.


(Person who sent it)

This actually didn’t seem like full spam, so I was curious, and responded.

What the heck are you talking about?

Soon after, I got this e-mail back:

Sorry, it is a wrong email. Sorry to bother you. Have a good day.

Warm Regards,

(person who sent it)

I did search for the person’s name on that school’s website and I couldn’t find it, so maybe it was some sort of SPAM.

If not, it truly makes me wonder what the heck is going on when a school can’t get the e-mail address right and will send it out to a random e-mail – like I said, they used my “fake name,” which isn’t even close to a real name.

The life of fun e-mail… I just hope that person isn’t teaching!

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Soundless Sunday: March 15

Mar 15

“I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.”

– Pete Rose

Baseball is coming!

Baseball is coming!

Soundless Sunday is a weekly feature where I’ll try and feature a favorite quote and a photo that I’ve taken. Enjoy life — it’s the only way to go!

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